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  1. Privateer

    Field of Fire: Diary of a Gunnery Officer by Jack Swaab

    My uncle, Jack Swaab, was a FOO with the British Artillery in WW2.  He kept a diary throughout that time and ended up publishing a book, Field of Fire: Diary of a Gunnery Officer.  I thought that it would be of interest to the history buffs on here, in particular those with an interest in...
  2. Privateer

    Helicopter working with HMCS Fredericton missing?

    From CBC News Twitter: CBC cites Greek state television for the following:
  3. Privateer

    HMCS Calgary CO & XO Relieved Of Duty- January 2020

    Per Times Colonist: link: https://www.vancourier.com/2.2065/change-in-command-for-hmcs-calgary-another-officer-disabled-ship-s-smoke-detector-1.24065570
  4. Privateer

    3 Vets owner uncovers vintage treasures lost for decades

    From CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/it-s-kind-of-embarrassing-3-vets-owner-uncovers-vintage-treasures-lost-for-decades-1.4411030
  5. Privateer

    RCN (Reserve) getting into SAR?

    I find this bizarre: "Government of Canada strengthens environmental response and rescue capability in Vancouver" link: http://news.gc.ca/web/article-en.do?nid=1005609&tp=1 So reserve RCN members are going to somehow add to a SAR capability in Vancouver?  I do not see how that makes sense. ...
  6. Privateer

    Report: CCGS Ann Harvey Taking On Water Off Newfoundland

    Reported on gCaptain: Link: http://gcaptain.com/canadian-coast-guard-ship-ann-harvey-taking-on-water-off-newfoundland/
  7. Privateer

    Steveston Lifeboat (aka. Artist's Life) foundered

    Steveston Lifeboat is a volunteer lifeboat owned and operated by John Horton, who was a Navy artist under the Canadian Forces Artists Program.  John is a great friend of HMCS Discovery (Vancouver's NRD), and frequently brought the Steveston Lifeboat to exercises run by Discovery.  Last night...
  8. Privateer

    Flag Quebec - free pratique

    Many moons ago, there was a command exam question relating to the requirement to fly flag Quebec when entering a Canadian port to request free pratique.  I tried to find the statutory/regulatory source of the requirement the other day, and couldn't.  Can anyone recall what the statute or...
  9. Privateer

    NCD Boots (Split Topic because I highjacked another thread)

    Sorry for the tangent, but the search feature is down:  Can someone provide a link to (or description of) the current issue sea boots used by the RCN?  Thank you.
  10. Privateer

    Vietnamese navy pilots learning to fly Viking Air Twin Otters in Victoria, BC

    I hadn't heard of this before: ... "Eight Vietnamese navy officers earned their wings in a special graduation ceremony in Sidney, B.C., earlier this week — the only program of its kind in Canada. The Vietnamese Navy recently purchased six Twin Otter aircraft from Viking Air and needed help...
  11. Privateer

    CF ID for SUPP RES?

    I don't have access to the DIN right now:  Can someone tell me whether pers who are Supplementary Reserve are issued a form of CF identification card and/or direct me to a CFAO / DAOD / other that covers this (and that I can access outside the DIN)?  Thanks.
  12. Privateer

    Supplementary Ready Reserve

    Can someone point me to the document (legislation - order - whatever) that establishes the Supplementary Ready Reserve?  Thanks.
  13. Privateer

    CD: Looking for link / reference to statutory instrument

    A quick question:  Can anyone provide me with a citation for, or better yet a link to, the statutory instrument which authorises the Canadian Forces Decoration?  Thanks.
  14. Privateer

    RCN collar rank pins?

    I seem to recall seeing (in an antique store somewhere) what looked like miniature metal rank badges for RCN officers, which I assumed would have been worn on the collar of some old RCN pattern of dress.  I recall that they looked like the rank you'd wear on your sleeve, with the executive...
  15. Privateer

    Promotion Competition

    I was wondering about the following:  Say a regular force infantry captain is in the zone for promotion to major.  Against whom is he or she competing for promotion?  All regular force infantry captains?  Only those captains in his or her regiment?  Only those captains in his or her company...
  16. Privateer

    Info re 2442 AC&W Sqn (Auxiliary)

    My grandfather used to be with 2442 AC&W Sqn (Auxiliary) of the RCAF.  This was in the late 1950's.  Going through some of his things (as he has passed away), I have found what may be the original document showing and approving the unit's crest.  I would like to get in touch with someone who...
  17. Privateer

    RCMP restructuring(?)

    From CBC news: "Report calls for RCMP to split from federal government" http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2007/12/14/mounties-report.html
  18. Privateer

    Sub Harpoon vs. Torpedo

    Here is a question for any submariners and other people who can shed light on this for me:  Given that torpedoes are anti-ship weapons, and Harpoon missiles are anti-ship weapons, what advantages does sub Harpoon offer over torpedoes to a submarine?  I'm just curious about the relative...
  19. Privateer

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    The following Backgrounder is reproduced from the National Defence site:  http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/newsroom/view_news_e.asp?id=2370 A number of points caught my attention: 1.  These vessels have transformed from purely arctic icebreakers to arctic AND offshore patrol ships.  I imagine...
  20. Privateer

    Statements that Canada ia at war?

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but a search on the term "war" produces an unwieldy number of results, as you might expect. Can anyone point me to statements by members of government, government officials or senior military personnel to the effect that Canada is currently at war (as...