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  1. Drallib

    The future of Primary Flight Training in the RCAF

    Back in 2005, a 20-year Contracted Flying Training and Support Contract was awarded to Allied Wings, now called KF Defence Programs to train new pilots in the RCAF for Phase I PFT. The reason I'm starting this thread is to ask and discuss what will happen in 2025 for training new pilots? A...
  2. Drallib

    A Canadian Airborne EW Capabiilty? Split from The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement

    I wonder if SAAB included this in their offer to Canada. Can't see why they wouldn't.
  3. Drallib


    Making this thread again for those who have questions or for when people begin to recieve offers. Good luck to all applying this year! I'll be applying for Pilot (again) through CEOTP and working on my remaining university courses to apply for UTPNCM also.
  4. Drallib


  5. Drallib

    2020 In Service Selection Commissioning Competitions (CFRP, UTPNCM, SCP, CEOTP)

    I made a thread for CEOTP (Pilot) but I think that's too specific and this would be a better place for all members who are in the competition for commissioning from the ranks and for other members who are seeking information to ask questions, like the application process, and when we begin to...
  6. Drallib

    CEOTP - Pilot (internal)

    I just applied for CEOTP - Pilot (internal) this year and completed my Aircrew Selection in Trenton and Medical at CFEME in Toronto. I was told that offers will be going out in April/May 2020. Does anyone have an idea of how many offers will be given out? I've been told the RCAF is hurting for...