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  1. PhilB

    For Sale - Patagonia M10 Jacket ($175+ship)

    Hey guys, Up for sale is an almost new Patagonia M10 jacket. Size is Med and condition is near new. This jacket has been used only a handful of times and has no rips, tears, or abrasions. For those not familiar with the M10 it is Patagonia's top of the line hard shell. Made of 3 layers of...
  2. PhilB

    Vibram five fingers Bikila

    Brand new in box Vibram five fingers Bikila Mens Size 40 for sale. They are green and grey in colour and have never been used, only tried on once. I purchased these and realized that they did not fit. My loss your gain. These shoes are $100 plus shipping direct from the Vibram website. Get them...
  3. PhilB

    HUGE post deployment sale- SOE, Eagle, EGL, TT & more! Get your kit for tour!

    Hey guys I just returned from 7 months in Afghanistan, and finally got all my baggage back. I have no room in my basement, and need money for xmas, bills, and my new house, so I have a lot of kit that needs to go! Avoid long waits with some great small shops and custom gear makers and buy now...
  4. PhilB

    New Permanent Field Pay as it relates to the reserves

    Hey guys, quick question; I understand how the new field pay works. My question is if you a reservist attached to a qualifying reg force unit, i.e. go on tour attached to 3PPCLI are you entitled to this allowance? The reason I ask is because in the message it says that pers that are attached...
  5. PhilB

    TCCC Shoulder Bag aka The Med Murse

    As the title says this is a review of my new TCCC/CLS shoulder bag, or as I have dubbed it "The Med Murse". When I found out that I would be one of the TCCC's for my section I spend a lot of time humming and hawing about how to carry my medical supplies. I kicked around a bunch of options...
  6. PhilB

    In Theater TCCC Pouch

    Hey guys, pretty simple question. Just wondering what kind of pouch is currently being issued to section TCCC guys in theater? Is it the CTOMS pouch, or some other pouch. Any info or pics would be greatly appreciated.
  7. PhilB

    SOE MWR Rig, War Belt, and Sub Load **WARNING PIC HEAVY**

    This is reposted from a review I did on a couple other forums, hopefully it helps someone out here. Hey guys some background before I begin. As some of you may or may not know I will be deploying for my second tour to Afghanistan in the near future. I will be deploying in a Mechanized infantry...
  8. PhilB

    WTS Eagle RAID and other stuff

    Hi guys just cleaning out the closet. I have pictures for most stuff, just pm if you need more. I much prefer paypal but I am open to pretty much any payment method. Shipping will be paid by the buyer. 1x Eagle RAID - Near new condition, OD, comes with frame sheet. This is a great pack for all...
  9. PhilB

    CP Gear Mag Pouch - LOTS of pictures

    Hi guys, I recently received a trial version of a mag pouch that CP Gear is planning on producing, to T&E. The mag pouch that I received is a triple, but has shock cord to control the size, so it can be used as a double. The pouch I received, being a trial, was not divided internally, however I...
  10. PhilB

    Skydex Helmet Pad Kit - LOTS of pictures

    Hi guys, Recently Matt at CP Gear sent me a set of skydex pads to T&E. I used Oregon Aero pads during my tour in Afghanistan and am a HUGE supporter of helmet upgrade systems. My pad system was hands down the best kit purchase I made before I left. Fast Forward 9 months and I am back at home in...
  11. PhilB

    Standalone M203

    Hey guys, so here is a question for all of you weapons experts and machinists. The concept of a standalone M203 has been discussed before and there are definitely positives. Personally I would much rather carry a separate grenade launcher then have an ungainly primary weapon. Now, not getting...
  12. PhilB

    New CP Gear Dump Pouch

    Hi guys, I was recently given the opportunity to T&E the new CPgear "Lobster Trap" dump pouch. I was very intrigued when presented with this opportunity. I have expressed clearly in the past that I am not a huge fan of CPgear. I have always thought that the quality of their gear was top notch...
  13. PhilB

    Tacvest Mods

    Hi guys, well as we all know tacvest bashing is both a fun and enjoyable sport. However, it has been done to death. We all know its a POS, we all know that there are MANY better options out there etc etc etc. On Archer Roto 1 I used a tactical tailor MAV, good piece of kit, but at home in my...
  14. PhilB

    Back from Afghan gear sale: Dropzone, Tactical Tailor, 64 pat ruck,chest rig etc

    Hi all, Well I have been back home for almost 2 months now and have decided itsĀ  time to clear out the gear closet. All of this is gear is in either brand new or extremely good condition. Buyer pays shipping costs, however they decide to ship and I only accept paypal. Shipping can be combined...
  15. PhilB

    Afghanistan/Mirage Packing List

    Hi guys I'm wondering if anyone here could run down their packing list when deploying. Im not talking standard things like combats, but rather the not so typical items you may have taken, or retrospectivly wish you had taken. Thank you
  16. PhilB

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    Im considering purchasing a chest rig for the TF 1-06 deployment. In talking to people from the 1st I know that their CO is fairly lax on non issue kit in the field. My question is will this policy change once overseas? Does any have any experience with the kit nazis over there. Is there a...
  17. PhilB


    Just a quick question, how many pistol magazines are being issued overseas. If there is an opsec problem in answering this question please feel free to pm me. Im asking because im considering purchasing a chest rig for the TF 1-06 deployment and was wondering how many pistol magazine pouches...
  18. PhilB

    Ex PHOENIX RAM - Brigade Training Event 2005 (BTE 05) in Wainwright

    Hi everyone, Im currently doing work up training with the reserve D&S plt of TF 1-06. We have been told that we are going on the BTE in Sept, but nobody I have talked with has any idea what the ex is all about. Anyone in the know have any more details on the BTE. If anyone does not want to...
  19. PhilB


    Hi guys, Im wondering if anyone in the know has a copy or can at least list out the kit list for the PLQ MOD 6 INF. WATC's DIN site only lists MOD 6 Land and DP2B. Also any other details on this relativly new course would be appreciated, thanks guys!