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  1. Spooks

    Identifying old stores in the RQ

    So we were clearing out boxes of dust collectors in the RQ and came across a triwall labeled 'Riot Helmets' with no NSN. I figure there could be someone that could help identify it. The helmet looks like our (now older) helmets we just switched from except the back is very vertical rather than...
  2. Spooks

    Wounded Warrior: Personal Story

    So I am going to share a story about an aspect of the military that is seldom talked about - injuries. We all know it is a fact of the job when we enroll but very few people know what it entails. At the beginning of my injury, I found this to be especially true as it was only then that I...
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    Spooks ----> GhostofJacK

    It was time I change this
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    Occupation Badge requirements

    Hello all, I come here after searching endlessly on the DIN, web, clerks knowledge, and UFI from peers but I cannot find a definitive answer to my question. What I am looking for is an electronic (or Pub reference) of the requirements for the occupation badge on DEUs and all stages of it. What...
  5. Spooks

    106mm Recoilles Rifle

    I know there are a lot of ordinance buffs out there, so I have come toask of your services. What I am looking for is ammunition for a 106mm Recoilles Rifle like we used to have. I know some countries still use them, so what do they have for ammo? I ask for different ammo because differnt...
  6. Spooks

    Casualty counts

    ??? I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a good website that states Canadian casualties by numbers similar to http://antiwar.com/casualties ? Also, on the side an not needed, anyone know of where to find Civilian deaths in Iraq due to sectarian violence, both the hospital and the morgue counts?
  7. Spooks

    3VP CBC video 2002

    Does anyone have or know where to find the CBC coverage of the broadcasted ceremony for Sgt. Leger, Cpl. Dyer, Pte Smith and Pte Green? I have been looking for it for a very long time because I missed it when it was aired. I couldn't find it and ran out of places to look until about 5min ago...
  8. Spooks

    Helmet Camera

    Does anyone happen to know where in the City of Edmonton I can find a helmet camera. I'm looking for it to be small yet not sacrifice video imaging quality. Durable is a must, waterproof is a bonus. Color image in NTSC mode. Now it can be a seperate unit which can plug into the external video...
  9. Spooks

    OBUA in the CF

    Boy is it fun. Though we had to go to Ft. Lewis, WA to do it, it still kicked ass. For anyone in LFWA if you have a chance to goto Ft. Lewis or to train in "Leschitown" do it right away as you will not only be amazed at the size of the complex area but you will learn more in four days than you...