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    What is your favourite Military Saying

    Throughout the years, many people came up with sayings or phrases we often hear. Some of them are good , some of them stick. What is your favourite military phrase? Is it “it’s not training unless it’s raining “ ? I always liked “ the grass is greener on the other side Because there is more manure”!
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    Manulife Policies

    Yesterday I spoke to my Manulife Case Manager who is pretty much non existent me. I am at the 6 months mark before my 24 months is finished . I believe a medical form needs to be completed to see about eleibilty for continuation of the CAF LTD. I am a 20 year Vet with bilateral hip injuries...
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    VAC Question

    I think I already know the answer to this, and it might seem silly for asking. Would VAC pay for a gym membership or a piece of exercise equipment if it is recommended by a specialist?
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    Can you tell what rank someone is in Civilian clothes?

    I have been living on the same street for 11 years now, I have seen 3 Commanding Officers come and go on this street. It's not often that I see anyone of them outside. In fact, I always seen their respective others outside with the kids playing or even operating the snow blower. Often their...
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    Are we becoming too Politically Correct?

    We all witness in todays society the amount of changes that have taken place. Some is good changes, some is just silly. An example of this is the recent change of sports team being force to change their names because after many years some people are taking offense to it. The NFL team Washington...
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    Question about CAF LTD

    Hello, It's been awhile since I been on this site, nice to see some new changes..! What does SISIP/ Manulife consider as a disability in order to receive payments for the rest of your life?? I have not asked my Case Manager yet but I am seeing a lot ex military being turned down for some...
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    Voc Rehab Question

    Good Day All,     I have been looking for the answer to the question, but can't seem to find it. Is there any consequences if a person fails one course while enrolled into a program that is sponsored by Manulife? No issues with the program, just have to re-register for the same course. Thanks...
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    Medical Appointments

    Recently I attended my specialist appointment and we was discussing waiting times. The specialist informed me that DND pays the same price as Medicare does for Dr’s Appointments. What I didn’t realize till now was that the Dr’s was being paid a lot more than normal to see Military Members. This...
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    My Career

    Well, I am serving my last 5 months of the CAF after a 20 year career. The past year or so has been nothing but anxiety, emotions and full of uncertainty. The biggest struggle was getting the support from my previous Chain of Command. They made me felt I was useless, unable to look after my...
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    PRP injection

    Hello All, Does anyone know if VAC will pay for PRP injections into a joint space? Or is this a case by case circumstance? I know that the CAF will not pay for it. I will be out of the CAF in a couple of months
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    Osteoarthritis Disability Assessment

    Does any know how Osteoarthritis in joint is calculated for an disability award? I have read the entitlements on VAC site but it doesn't say it's calculated. Ex - Mild Osteoarthritis 5% rating       Minor OA - 1%
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    D Mil C question

    I am only asking this question for GMK (General Military Knowledge) - How does D Mil C work? Besides having Mbr's career managers located in D Mil C, do they make the all the decisions? Do they have Supervisors ( Like Commanding Officers) that ultimately make decisions? My guess is yes but Does...
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    Seamless Canada - MND

    Today, the Minister of National Defence introduced a new initiative on helping Military Families. One of the issues used in the article was driver's licence. I may be missing something but getting a driver's license is not very hard to get...
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    Contract - New TOS

    I think I already know the answer to this! Can a person change their new upcoming contract after signing? Meaning, say if a Mbr has signed for a IE 20, but still has a couple years remaining in that contract, then offered IPS and signs. Can that IPS be changed?
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    Spousal Complaint against a Mbr of the CAF

    Given that the CAF is responsible to the tax payers in Canada, Does a Military Mbr spouse have the right to put a complaint against a Mbr of the CAF?   In my 20yrs in the Military, I have never seen or heard this before. But then again, I am not pervy to this!
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    VAC Education and Training Benefit (ETB) [Merged]

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the educational benefit introduced by vac. If a Mbr qualifies for the $80,000 amount. Is that only used for 1 end state? Let's say I choose to attend Dalhousie University for a degree in science, which costs approx. $30,000, I graduate. Now I want to...
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    How effective is the Military Ombudsman

    I know the role of the Military Ombudsman's office, but could anyone tell me how effective they are? Do they fight on soldiers behalf?
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    Patient Rights

    Forgive me if this was already posted, I looked but did not see this. Patients are entitled to an second opinion, but can that second opinion be a Doctor of your choice providing it is reasonable? For example, seeing Cardiologist referred by your primary care giver. Can you ask for a second...
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    Retention vs Recruiting

    Throughout my career, I have seen multiple efforts on recruiting new members, depending on geographical location and population targeted there has been some success. However, correct me if I am wrong, from my perspective, not enough is being done to retain the members with all those years of...
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    What is the worse rank in the CAF?

    I thought I would ask this question to get opinions! I think it would be interesting! I added all the ranks.