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  1. kratz

    Reviewing CAF Honours and Awards

    My understanding of the discussions. Yes, the CF will not be distributing these Platinum Jubilee medals vs previous Jubilee medals.
  2. kratz

    Reviewing CAF Honours and Awards

    WRT the Platinum Jubilee medals issued by the provinces, CAF members will not have to suffer Biber jokes this time around. The CAF has declined these medals, as they are not being issued federally, despite being included in the order of precedence.
  3. kratz

    Acting Chief of Military Personnel on Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Change Short-Term Initiatives

    It might be the cynic in me, but D.I.E. = Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is very effective for two reasons. Opening spaces for target audiences and burying previous traditional population.
  4. kratz

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    Well...TBH, for the longest time, we couldn't wear the ball cap between Stad and Dockyard., or Windsor Park.
  5. kratz

    Widespread systemic racism in Canadian military ‘repulsing’ new recruits: report

    No need to avoid Government, you are not the target audience. Many have already retreated into retirement, with your planned COA.
  6. kratz

    Queen's Platinum Jubilee

    Links to Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal issued by provinces: Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan From a newsletter I received:
  7. kratz

    IRB Fiasco with VAC

    Yes, veterans have regularly run into this issue. To avoid over payment of benefits: when approval for monthly offsets (other income) is...
  8. kratz

    Resort CEO told women at B.C. conference to 'go clean some rooms and do some dishes'

    Know. Your. Audience. Did this really need to be said?
  9. kratz

    Cost of housing in Canada

    Sadly, an hour out of HRM is selling higher as well. We bought last year for our IRP.
  10. kratz

    Queen's Platinum Jubilee

    The start of a year celebrating and acknowledging 70 years of dedication and the service of HRM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada and the Commonwealth. Thank you for your service. Queen Elizabeth II supports Camilla as 'Queen Consort' when Charles is king, Globalnews.ca Queen's dog steals...
  11. kratz

    Injury after release connected to previously awarded conditon

    Yes, it's common for additional injuries to be recognised years after release. If I understand correctly, your primary injury approved by VAC is your legs? A following injury (your heels) may be acknowledged by VAC as consequential and treatments or benefits provided for that new consequential...
  12. kratz

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    The thread has been cleaned up and all Freedom Rally, protesters discussion split to it's own thread. Returning this thread to all things COVID-19. This will be unlocked shortly when most members have noticed the new thread.
  13. kratz

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    If this was a GOFO smacking ASS.....Oh! right....context... :eek:
  14. kratz

    VRAB Entitlement Reviews

    The five-fifths only deals with VAC attributing 100% of your tinnitus to your service. To figure out how much VAC will be pay P&S, you need to use Table 9.3 to know your disability rating.
  15. kratz

    VRAB Entitlement Reviews

    Table 9.3 - Other Impairment - Tinnitus shows which of the 5 ratings your claim fits into and what percentage your Pain and Suffering Compensation should be. Example: 5% from Table 9.3 is worth $19,254.58 as a lump P&S payment.
  16. kratz

    BMQ @ 4 Can Div TC Meaford

    Anything is possible when you ask for help.
  17. kratz

    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    Flip the coin...the UN and some member countries define youth up to the age of 25, even 30. If we raise adult responsibilities, including the vote until age 30 vs lowering the age to 16, how would that go? 🍿
  18. kratz

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    ...as well as tired, fatigued WRT COVID, the restrictions et el... we know from our own jobs, nobody can maintain an effective heightened alert level over extended periods of time without breaks, rest and relief.
  19. kratz

    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Navy.ca works well for me. :p
  20. kratz

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Yes... Why Not Canadian Amphib/Marine Capability? (merged) :cool: