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  1. LittleBlackDevil

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    I don't know about impossible, although I agree doubtful. It's true that the PPC will get little to no traction ... MSM indeed despises them, plus Scheer did a pretty good job of slandering them with the "racist" smear campaign during the 2019 election and this seems to have stuck. The fact that...
  2. LittleBlackDevil

    Liberal Minority Government 2019 - ????

    Dictatorship is a bit extreme, agreed, but I think you are 100% spot-on that we are not, and will not, move along a vector of increasing liberty. I wouldn't even add the caveat of "uniformly". A lot of the "advances in extending human rights" aren't really granting of liberty so much as awarding...
  3. LittleBlackDevil

    Liberal MP facing assault, harassment, break and enter charges

    From my perspective as a criminal defence lawyer, the stuff I've highlighted in yellow likely played a large part in "[t]he crown's office [negotiating] something". Threatening an arrested person with bodily harm like that is pretty much automatic exclusion of his statement from evidence and a...
  4. LittleBlackDevil

    Legal O recruiting

    Unfortunately I have no idea ... Just posting because I'm interested to see what the answer is and therefore want to subscribe to the thread. I am a lawyer myself, so just curious, although I am applying for CIC not JAG (although I have considered it over the years). Just noticing your...
  5. LittleBlackDevil

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    Yeah, something like that, but without the refractor field of sufficiently left of centre political positions ...
  6. LittleBlackDevil

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    I'm not suggesting people can't have fun or alcohol and that's why I latched not onto the allegation of alcohol, but the use of the word "party" which by the dictionary definition is simply a "social gathering" but I think has a connotation of something a little more raucous and "unofficial"...
  7. LittleBlackDevil

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    Shortest tenure ever for a CDS? I'm going to reserve judgement until there is more, but doesn't sound good. I know alcohol is generally involved in mess dinners, but when they say "party" it sounds like something a lot less formal and just asking for trouble especially as a captain.
  8. LittleBlackDevil

    Religious/Extremist Terrorism: Non-Muslim edition

    Arguably, the very founders of the United States were one such group -- a group of men who didn't trust the government and took concrete action in the form of armed revolution against their lawful ruler. It seems to me that "right wing extremism" is baked right into the United States culture and...
  9. LittleBlackDevil

    What would happen if:

    You had me at "goodbye Toronto and Montreal" :sneaky: Seriously, though, the article you posted matched with research I've done. My family are big fans of William R. Forstchen's books about an EMP attack on the US and he posited over 90% of the population of the USA dying in such circumstances...
  10. LittleBlackDevil

    What would happen if:

    Looks like an interesting series, I may try at least the first one out. On the topic of good book series on a "SHTF" sort of theme, both myself and my children all greatly enjoyed the series by William R. Forstchen about an EMP attack on the United States ... One Second After, One Year After...
  11. LittleBlackDevil


    I consumed many many IMPs back during the phase training at CFB Gagetown 1999-2001. I have been introduced to MREs since starting with cadets. Frankly, I don't see much difference at all between them. I have found them to be similar quality flavour-wise, and the "after effects" are similar...
  12. LittleBlackDevil

    CIC Interview

    I believe the topic of the thread was "CIC Interview". Thanks for the reply, this is very helpful.
  13. LittleBlackDevil

    CIC Interview

    There used to be an excellent thread on the CIC application interview here: CIC Interview https://army.ca/forums/threads/47190.0 The link now appears broken, which is unfortunate because it had great information. I just scheduled my CIC interview today and was hoping to re-read that thread...
  14. LittleBlackDevil

    Are we becoming too Politically Correct?

    This is all very true. I don't think Supersonicmax suggested that Canadians (in general) do what he said is a good approach; I certainly didn't intend to suggest that. I would only say that I think that if people engaged in a respectful and empathetic way, this would be a good thing. The things...
  15. LittleBlackDevil

    Liberal Minority Government 2019 - ????

    Canadian polls seem to be more accurate than US ones, at least. As others have noted, last election they were pretty accurate. It seems realistic, I don't think Erin O'Toole is making great inroads. And what is he going to campaign on? "The federal government should have locked you down more...
  16. LittleBlackDevil

    Are we becoming too Politically Correct?

    I agree with this. I would just add that this seems to be much easier to do in person. In my "travels" as a criminal defence attorney I've had occasion to represent and therefore get to know people from very many different backgrounds. Most people would consider many of my beliefs "extremely...
  17. LittleBlackDevil

    "Leak of thousands of posts from defunct neo-Nazi forum offers clues to identify

    I would suggest that our government would be willing to just live & let live, etc. If you were more specifically asking who on this forum would be willing to just live & let live, I'm sure answers would vary. For myself, I would take it on a case-by-case basis and it would require a lot of...
  18. LittleBlackDevil

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    It's so hard to say. What you say makes sense, but then when I hear all the talk about a potential election in the spring, makes me think that someone has models/projections showing that this will be over by then so that a New Zealand style historical electoral victory can be awarded to the man...
  19. LittleBlackDevil

    Are we becoming too Politically Correct?

    I think you make a very good point. This is definitely a Canadian and American thing. My wife is Polish, and she has definitely noticed this but also sometimes struggles with relationships because Polish culture is very direct and people don't like that she engages in direct communication rather...
  20. LittleBlackDevil


    Apparently there are virtual BOTC going on right now for CIC ... wondering if anyone here is or has taken part in that and wondering what it is like. My application is finally moving forward (virtually), so I am hopeful that enrolment and BOTC may be in my future over the next 12 months and...