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  1. Pusser

    What does "decorated" mean?

    I was originally going to post this on another thread about a specific individual, but figured my comments would somehow be construed as denigrating that man's service, which was far from what I'm trying to do.  I just want to clear up some common misconceptions. News articles often seem to...
  2. Pusser

    NDP being dragged to the right by the Liberals?

    I found this a tad amusing: http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/yves-englers-blog/2017/06/left-needs-oppose-trudeaus-military-spending I never imagined the NDP was such a hot bed of right wing conservatism.
  3. Pusser

    Army Aviation & Mobile Command's helicopters (a split thread)

    Back in the early 90s (if I recall) the Commander Air Command came down to address a MAG conference.  Apparently he spent a good part of his speech slagging the Navy (to be fair, probably in a good-natured, service rivalry kind of way) and it went over like a lead balloon.  He (a fighter jock)...
  4. Pusser

    Rank inflation/appointments/ranking above one's weight (split from CDS promos)

    This is very true, but is not limited to generals.  The CF has a tendency to expect more of its officers at lower ranks (e.g. We employ captains to do what other armies would use a major for).  This has led to problems on international missions where very bright, experience and capable Canadian...
  5. Pusser

    Tech Sergeants Take Heat after Receiving Medals

    This article (http://www.airforcetimes.com/news/2012/04/air-force-tech-sergeants-take-heat-bronze-stars-041612/) is American, but it raises some interesting points that are relevant in the CF as well: 1)  It's grossly unfair to give the recipients a hard time about a decoration.  Unless they...
  6. Pusser

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    I've heard rumours from credible sources that a CANFORGEN on pay is to be released today (30 Mar 12).  Has anyone seen it?  Can you post a copy here?  Unfortunately, I don't have DWAN access at the moment.
  7. Pusser

    How does one become a Mentor?

    I understand the site's rank structure in the sense of "Guest," "Jr. Member," "Sr. Member," etc, but how does one become a Mentor?  To me a  mentor is someone who has experience and has demonstrated wisdom and the like.  However, I've looked at the profiles of a number of "Mentors" here and...
  8. Pusser

    Measuring Physical Fitness (Split: CF weighs releasing combat wounded soldiers)

    :stirpot:  How do we define fitness?  Right now the long-legged track star, who would crumple carrying any real weight up the side of the mountain is lauded and rewarded by the system, but the short-legged rugby player who's carrying the radio has to fight just to stay in.  How can we preach...
  9. Pusser

    Appropriate Dress for non-deploying HQs (Split:Return To Old Army Officer Rank Insignia)

    I still haven't figured out why anyone working in a headquarters would be wearing anything other than service dress.  Neither CADPAT nor NCD are appropriate in an office.