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    CT/OT - SIP 2021/2022?

    Good day, Does anyone have the insight to where I could find the SIP for CT/OT's this FY? I've been in the CT process for 26 months now and with Training ramping up again I'm curious to see how many positions are possibly available this FY. Thanks for any and all help!
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    Mental health in the CAF

    Hi everyone/ anyone reading this.. Today, and quite frankly the last year I’ve been suffering from mental health problems.. i first tried getting help in May after a failed attempt of PLQ. I was put on medication, which I attempted till September until being switched to something else, I...
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    Artillery DP1

    Good day everyone! I was hoping someone could help give me some insight of what to expect with the Artillery DP1 as a reservist. I start my course in just under two weeks in Meaford ON and have yet to get any information via chain of command. Im just curious as to the structure of the course...
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    Feb 16th 2016 BMQ

    Hey everyone, I start my BMQ for the Reserves on the 16th of February at LGen. John Graves Simcoe Armoury- 215 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora, L4G 3T9. I'm curious to see who else from here may be going to that BMQ as well, or in the GTA in general. I haven't gotten much more information then...
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    BMQ And being sworn in

    Hey there, I've recently completed all my interviews, medical, CFAT and got accepted into the Army Reserves. I'm confused now as to what happens.. I had e-mailed my recruiter asking when I start my BMQ and he had said it would likely start Oct 31/15 he's just not sure yet. I thought I had to...