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  1. FSTO

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Good heavens no!!!!!!!! They are called Little Crappy Ships for a reason.
  2. FSTO

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    I was chatting with a chief on Thursday and the MARTECH trade issues came up. This is just watercooler talk, but it appears that the RCN will commence walking back the changes they made to the engineering world. I'm concerned that it may be too late and there will be a long time of pain until...
  3. FSTO

    The Kingpost is Dead! Long Live the Vertrep!

    This is.
  4. FSTO

    The Kingpost is Dead! Long Live the Vertrep!

    It's retractable and telescopes into the deck behind the gun mount when not in use.
  5. FSTO

    The Kingpost is Dead! Long Live the Vertrep!

    In my cynical mind, the Navy have divested from the kingpost due to the brilliant plan of amalgamating the Marine Engineering Department and therefore having no pers left to service the kit!
  6. FSTO

    The Kingpost is Dead! Long Live the Vertrep!

    When I was DeckO in VAN, I recall only rigging for it once. And that was for WUPS. Anyone with more recent experience, are you sad to see this go? Do you think they'll pull them out or just leave them in? Is the weight saving an issue in the Frigates? SUBJ:DIVESTMENT OF HALIFAX CLASS KINGPOST...
  7. FSTO

    The Forgotten Battle | Official trailer | Netflix

    I found it entertaining as well. But until we Canadians decide to do this on our own we’ll always be the background. My big question, why didn’t they use more artillery in the initial push across the causeway?
  8. FSTO

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Re: the dwindling supply of GOFOs. I’m wondering if we’ll see this crisis burn itself out over time. I know that my kids (now in their late 20’s) have a much different mindset than I was at their age. The are far more accepting of the alphabet soup of alternate lifestyle and have no problem...
  9. FSTO

    HMCS Calgary CO & XO Relieved Of Duty- January 2020

    ATI, we were discussing this item this morning. The usual suspect trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
  10. FSTO

    Seamen busted

    He was a clearance diver, but it was a wild time aboard old PRO!!!
  11. FSTO

    RAN Maritime Multi-Cam Pattern Uniform

    CPO1 Parent recommended the reflective tape for our NCD's and was shot down. For the reason of it not then being suitable for walking out dress.
  12. FSTO

    RAN Maritime Multi-Cam Pattern Uniform

    It is designed to be ugly so that there is no clamoring for it to be worn off the ship!
  13. FSTO

    His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex marks E-3D Sentry retirement after 30 years

    Ahh, I should have opened the link!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. FSTO

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    So, does the uniformed leadership hold the MND and the Government in so low regard that they don't care about optics? I'm sure the feeling is more than mutual within the PMO. The low regard that both the Minister of National Defence and the uniformed members of the CAF are held by the PMO.
  15. FSTO

    Great Britain Offers to help Canada defend its Arctic (CBC)

    It was never going to be a home port.
  16. FSTO

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    Heck, my first home in Lower Sackville was a new build 2 bedroom, 1 bath and unfinished basement. 99,000.00 in 1993. Perfect for a couple and one child.
  17. FSTO

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    ^^ Batches of 3?
  18. FSTO

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    Well son, it was the winter of 1967-68 when we moved into our new house on the farm that had running water and indoor plumbing. And I still had to share a bedroom with my older brother. Granted I was only 6 at the time, but yea, sometimes I really wonder why we have these monster homes for a...
  19. FSTO

    Defence Minister

    Maybe, but I really think we need someone who has never been tainted by the CAF machine. We need someone with a cold heart to stare down the sacred cows fraternity.