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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I wonder if anyone dug deep into private business world how many CEOs or higher ranking executives would be gone. Not approving of what has happened or what is happening. But sure hope the up and coming leadership have woken up and realize one bad mistake can lead to a public disaster.
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    Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    commit a crime go to jail. I am sure there are or were laws being broken here in Canada, and over there. Let the lawyers over there sort it out then maybe we can do something
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    Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    Questions to ponder about the former ISIS fighters. 1) Had they won would they want to come back home and live with the unwashed, or would they want to live in their self made kingdom of what ever? Rest of the world would call it hell on earth I am sure. 2) Since they all volunteered to go and...
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    Don't know what to do

    I am guessing you did not really give it a chance by the sounds of things. If you have not even started BMQ, you have no real knowledge of your trade yet. As for the Unit, takes some time to fit in and find your place and as a Recruit it is even harder to fit because you know nothing and know...
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    CFAT scores qualify for Sig, Intelligence, tech trades, but not Infantry?

    They are recruiting, the military fills the needs of the military using the recruiting pool that comes along. They fill the needs of the army of tomorrow with bodies that come along today. Maybe they do not need infantry troops right now or need them tomorrow but need bodies in the trades they...
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    An old piece of iron - C1A1

    3L5 358 rack 47 does not get any better than that. do not recall its replacement number other 89AA something, they all looked the same. Black and shiny, my C1 had scratches, dents, and dings. If you ran out of ammo, you could swing it like a club the Oak made sure the guy was going down.
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    tanker aircraft question. If you are taking on fuel from a RCAF Tanker, at Cold Lake, is there a tanker based there or does it fly from some where else? Having 2 Tankers in the fleet if what i read is correct. Trenton is a long way from Cold Lake, so how doe sit work?
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    I am very sure there is more to the story than the 1 or 2 paragraphs in the newspaper story. Details would help explain the charges and guessing those will come out in court or some where Side note I lived in the Iowa for a few years. My neighbour was a the Chief Deputy Sherriff for the local...
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    Toronto Airshow 2021

    I debated going or not going to the Airshow in Toronto over the weekend. I checked the website for the show and it only showed a couple aircraft of interest, so I decided it was not worth the 10 hours of driving there and back. So anyone attend, what did I miss besides the F35?
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    New machine guns from. Colt Canada

    Why I asked but the post had to be deleted was because Post Media was reporting that defective Machine Guns had to be returned to Colt Canada for repairs etc. I was wondering what the diff was between the C6 and the C6A1 was one. Thanks for answering
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    Class B contract - # of days in 12M period

    former Fin clerk. long since gone Class B pay was done number of days from start day to end of month. Not all contracts started on the 1st day of the month. For sake of easy math . Contract starts on 1 September 2021. 30 days for September, rate of pay x 30 days. - Income tax, CPPC, UI...
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    We will miss him - Legendary journalist Joe Galloway passes away

    I just watched the movie a few nights ago. Read the book a long time ago
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    Disobeying an unlawful/unethical order - Mandatory Vaccinations

    Health records, needle books, immunization records, or now the term Vax Passport have been around for ages. Some countries require visitors to get certain shots before entering their country. see the link it listed immunizations you must have to enter some countries...
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    Canadian soldier charged with feeding cannabis cupcakes to artillery unit during live-fire exercise

    They have to have the troops first . Not all units have the man power. Reserve training Regiment in Name Only has a Commanding Officer with usual Rank of LCOL Staffed as if it has Companies, Company commmanders Majors and odd Captain Parades a maybe a bigger than normal platoon, goes on...
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    Old uniforms questions

    I work for a property management company, and one of my tenants is a thift store and I am amazed as what is donated some days. They got in a Navy uniform Deu black jacket and pants, has Canada on the shoulders, Navy buttons, and PO2 rank on the arms. They were asking me if they are allowed...
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    Canadian soldier charged with feeding cannabis cupcakes to artillery unit during live-fire exercise

    In some Res Units the canteen was staffed on training weekends by troops who did not have trade that was required for the training plan to work. Troops like Fin Clerks, Admin Clerks, or Supply techs. Those trades would do the work on Friday night getting everyone out the door, pay sheets...
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    Replacing the Subs

    20 years, I bet it will be sooner, some other country will be replacing their subs and have some cast off equipment, one of a kind, and we will jump all over them like a it is a new puppy coming home for the first time, then realize they were 20 year old rotting hound dogs with no teeth, just...
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    Reserve Training

    I have always thought since I was a Private that reserve units should be paired up with another reserve unit to train with. Inf Regiment A trains with Inf Regiment B. A Unit acts as the aggressor unit for one exercise, does the attacks, does the reccees etc on B Unit. B Unit trains on the...
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    educate me please on navy guns

    Type 45 destroyer armed with BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun. How much damage could it do to another destroyer? I am just curious. I realize they use the missiles to take out other ships at longer ranges than naval gun fire. Could they do still beach landings with navy gun fire or those days over?
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    Russia dropped bomb in fron British destroyer

    is this a case of she said , he said. could get very serious out there