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  1. MedCorps

    Year Long French Course

    More beer.
  2. MedCorps

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Another version of the MSE Op customer service story. I was a Platoon Commander and my platoon was off to do some training with a local fire department off Garrison. The Pl WO requested a bus complete with financial code (as our unit did not have any) and sure enough on the morning of the...
  3. MedCorps

    Combat Engineers

    accidental discharge. Delete and charge.
  4. MedCorps

    Pinball Thread

    Just out of curiosity, can you get the shop manuals / electronic diagrams for these or do you need to "figure it out" as you go? Pretty cool hobby / addiction. MC
  5. MedCorps

    Question about Mechanic trade in Army

    Some opportunities for this, depending on you and your unit. I have personally seen Vehicle Technicians do all sorts of all-arms drivers courses, armoured vehicle crew commander, communications (radio) courses, basic winter warfare, basic mountain operations, parachutist, chemical biological...
  6. MedCorps


    IMPs are still very real and in use in the Regular Force. Most expensive way to field soldiers.
  7. MedCorps

    Mat tech with journeyman red seal

    I will go on to add... Mat Tech is a pretty awesome trade. If I was to join again as an NCM, I would strongly consider Mat Tech. I think it is amazing how they can take a pile of raw materials (metal, wood, textiles, paint) and turn them into useful stuff that solves unique problems where you...
  8. MedCorps

    Mat tech with journeyman red seal

    The nice thing about doing the whole Mat Tech course is that you will say with a cohort and make lifelong bonds. It was also be a bit of a break for your when you are "learning" the things you already know which can be nice and gives you a chance to shine a little. You can also spend sometime...
  9. MedCorps

    Looking for a Reference on Anti Armour in a Mounted Context

    Also take a look at Lesson 5 - Siting the Eryx During Combat Operations (in B-GL-385-010/PT-001 - ERYX—SHORT RANGE ANTI- ARMOUR WEAPON (HEAVY)). Although Eryx specific there are some generalities for general employment of man-portable AA weapons.
  10. MedCorps

    6 Jan 2020 U.S. Events (Split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    Turns out my IFF suspicion was correct... how about that. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/38590/why-plainclothes-police-had-striped-reflective-tape-on-their-glocks-during-the-capitol-siege MC
  11. MedCorps

    Outdoor Gear Thread

    It has a 1.5 lbs head and is well balanced with a short handel (50 cm) to allow you to get a good swing on it. I use it for limbing small annd mid-sized trees I have fell or taking dead branches off trees that are still standing. I will drop a small (<2") tree with it. I like using an axe for...
  12. MedCorps

    6 Jan 2020 U.S. Events (Split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    A slightly different tangent on today events. Things that I found interesting: 1) Someone had the foresight to put a gas mask under the chair of each person in the chamber in case of emergency. Looks like more of an escape hood, but good foresight. 2) The tape (red / white) on the front slide...
  13. MedCorps

    Outdoor Gear Thread

    I picked up a Gränsfors Small Forest Axe (Lee Valley) before Christmas as a present to myself. Used it all day today in the bush. Wow, what an awesome piece of outdoor gear and I cannot believe that I did not buy a quality axe years ago. Perfectly balanced and a pleasure to use, even for...
  14. MedCorps

    Canadian Army reactivates elite Assault Pioneers unit

    Interesting article on beards in the UK Forces here: https://www.forces.net/news/meet-pioneer-sergeant-one-few-army-ranks-allowed-beard-parade MC
  15. MedCorps

    Canadian Army reactivates elite Assault Pioneers unit

    If anyone is interested the former Basic Assault Pioneer Course (1993) looked like: PO 401 - Perform Pioneer Field Work PO 402 - Perform Waterborne Operations PO 403 - Perform Nuclear and Chemical Decontamination Tasks PO 404 - Perform Demolition Operations PO 405 - Perform Booby Trap...
  16. MedCorps

    New Badge of the RCMS?

    Confirmation of the design.  Authorized now in silver, as opposed to the original gold. MC
  17. MedCorps

    New Badge of the RCMS?

    This is a badge only worn by RCAF personnel in the RCMS in order to identify them as such, otherwise there would be no identifier, especially in short sleeves (3A) order of dress. Worn above the name tag. Cheers, MC
  18. MedCorps

    All things Health Care Admin/HCA (merged)

    The health certificate is indeed dead and not longer part of the required training to be qualified as an HCA.  Thank god.  New course in existence called the Health Services Tactical Operations Course.  This is the first of two courses. Second course is in development now called the Health...
  19. MedCorps

    Assault Pioneers & Assault Troopers (engineer light of the Inf & Armd)

    The British Army has always been at the forefront of the concept of "search operations" likely due to the requirements of Northern Ireland. They developed extensive policy, doctrine, training of the concepts of search including sub-facets such as counter-terrorist search, defensive search...
  20. MedCorps

    Lessons Learned by a LAV Captain - Defense

    I have seen this occur a number of times now on large CAXs / TEWTs including once with the USMC. Either the battle handover line was in the wrong place, there was confusion over where the battle handover line was or the commander launched the countermove too fast. All three situations result in...