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  1. CountDC

    Disobeying an unlawful/unethical order - Mandatory Vaccinations

    I think the most logical post I have seen in the thread and explains why we need to push vaccines is the one that mentioned the vulnerable chid unable to receive it and at risk. Passports I do think are funny and read an interesting take on that I can't recall the wording of but boils down to...
  2. CountDC

    Afghan Interpreters, Others Fast-tracking to Canada

    The saddest part of this is that I am not surprised.
  3. CountDC

    Pay Raise 2021

    doesn't that happen in Jan of each year? Maybe misread something. Wonder why they label this as 2021 pay increase when it only went to 2020? Can't wait to see what we get in 2025.
  4. CountDC

    Claim for broken antique vanity

    Prior to having the moving company handle it was it identified as an antique? This could have bearing on your outcome and what they will do for you. Check your paperwork to see what it says. If not they may only consider vanity purchase price X, years depreciated, cost to replace, here is...
  5. CountDC

    How long does it takes to be a corporal?

    Aug 2022 if eligible and not promoted early.
  6. CountDC

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    undue pressure - conspiracy hmmmmm maybe someone has an eye on a liberal fed seat and this is a big step in the door. Just a random thought. ouch, tinfoil pinches.
  7. CountDC

    Disobeying an unlawful/unethical order - Mandatory Vaccinations

    So we get the vaccine to protect us and others from the virus and then are scared that those without the vaccine will give us the virus so require them to get the vaccine or be punished. hmmmm. Personally I think let them go without and when they catch it let them treat themselves at home...
  8. CountDC

    Disobeying an unlawful/unethical order - Mandatory Vaccinations

    The state requires that children are schooled, not that they be sent to school. Many opt to home school the children.
  9. CountDC

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    so... Fortin supposedly exposed himself in the quarters at RMC 30+ years ago according to one person and he gets removed. Trudeau is accused, admits to the encounter and apologizes that the woman has a different recollection of events than he does so the whole thing goes away. hmmmmm.
  10. CountDC

    FTSE Eligibility

    After 4 years you can be employed in support of FTSE such as instructing on BMQ in the summer, often these people are mistakenly identify as FTSE.
  11. CountDC

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    no memo; you go online and submit your CT application there. Make sure you have the name of your current C HRA to input as the broker will contact them for information.
  12. CountDC

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Having dealt with a few charges last couple years I agree with ModlrMike. The JAG went through every charge I sent with a fine tooth comb, recommended drops and changes, finally approved the end drafts that mostly stood the test. Only one charge didn't make it due to wording of the accusation...
  13. CountDC

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    delete - just realized I had gone back too far and was looking at an old post. oops.
  14. CountDC

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    When I worked in F&E we did not cover your SIT charges for you if it was due to your choices and SIT was a max of 1 week. LTS was 100% members problem including the reload, move and new unload. DND only covers one move.
  15. CountDC

    Mess Dues

    Just to add a change that was pushed out a few years back by the CA - reserve messes were to transfer under NPF for finances and to ensure they were following procedures. For your bill - anytime you are away and pay mess dues somewhere else you should have a receipt that you present a copy to...
  16. CountDC

    Posting within PLD Zone HELP

    What has happened is mbr enrolled and was posted to St Jean for basic with no move. Mbr then posted to Borden for trade training again with no move as they were going directly into R&Q until end of course. At end of course mbr was posted back to the community they were living in prior to...
  17. CountDC

    Posting within PLD Zone HELP

    well it has happened. Have a JR that has been informed that he will not receive PLD anymore. Quite a kick as they bought a house recently and had a baby.
  18. CountDC

    Posting within PLD Zone HELP

  19. CountDC

    Former Rms - Sup Res to PRes

    Have you received any of this in writing? instead of a verbal you should have received documentation on how they assessed you on the plar and the rank you will be given. Now from my experience as it has been over 5 years your trade course is normally no longer valid so that is most likely...
  20. CountDC

    A couple questions about interpreting and applying the CFTDTI for Reservists

    incorrect on the hard defined meal hours in the CFTDTI. What you are referring to is for calculating meal entitlements under 6 7 and 8 which are all travel outside the place of duty, do not require receipts and entitle member to the full meal rate - ie Toronto to Ottawa, Meaford, Borden. It...