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    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    I'm an aircraft technician but thank's for being a dick. I was making a joke about the word Bespoke and how it carries a connotation of expensive like a bespoke suit.
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    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    I don't think we can afford bespoke repairs.
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    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    From what I have been told, the cracks are in the tail section near where the tail and the fuselage join. They are structural in nature. I have also been told that Sikorsky had known about the issue with the 92Fs but hadn't informed the military, although this could just be rumour so we should...
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    CAF improves promotion selection process, beginning with General and Flag Officers

    Evidence based is the new synergy. It used to mean something but now it is just something that gets thrown out to sound sciencey and modern. How do you have an "evidence based framework" for subjective character traits?
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    CANFORGEN 168/21- New 'Inclusion' and the performance appraisal process

    Come to think of it, inclusivity is under one of the bullet points already. Working with others maybe?
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    CANFORGEN 168/21- New 'Inclusion' and the performance appraisal process

    It is bad enough that we start writing them 3-4 months before the end of the reporting period. I ended up grieving my PER this year, in part because nothing I did between Jan and Mar was mentioned. In a normal year that would be less of an issue because I had a lot of meat come Christmas, Covid...
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    CANFORGEN 168/21- New 'Inclusion' and the performance appraisal process

    Ding ding ding! The problem is with how the military lets its superstars get away with things most of us would hang for. We have all seen it. Guys like Vance would still get hard right PERs. They write PERs to get the people they want promoted promoted not to figure out who should be promoted...
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    CANFORGEN 168/21- New 'Inclusion' and the performance appraisal process

    Fuck I can't wait to retire. I only get 9 lines to cover everything a person did in a year to the point everything is so short as to be essentially meaningless but we need two whole lines on what a person is doing for inclusion. What are you supposed to say "Cpl Bloggins didn't exclude the black...
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    Kenosha Shooting - split from The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Everyone can agree that a 17 year old kid had no business being there. But because he shouldn't have been there doesn't mean he isn't allowed to be there. We have never held the poor decisions of the victim against them. Once he was there he was entitled to be unmolested by the rioters. As...
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    "Explaining the numbers behind the backlog at Veterans Affairs Canada"

    You sign a document authorizing VAC to discuss your medical information with your Dr already so they wouldn't need to seek extra approval. They really shouldn't have to come back to you for more medical information. The VAC Dr can easily pick up the phone and get clarification on a diagnosis...
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    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    Ben Isitt is an asshat and at the center of almost every bulllshit idea coming out of Victoria council for more than a decade. Helps is almost as bad.
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    Report of the SC on National Defence: "Canada and the Defence of North America"

    The US Military will definitely appreciate our commitment to reconciliation and gender equality. That should be enough. Right? I'm partially joking but our capabilities are (relatively speaking) way worse than the decade of darkness at a time when China is rising, Russia is trying to regain...
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    Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for the Federal Public Service and RCMP

    You are not wrong but we are at like 77% TES already. Even a small amount hurts. As I said earlier, it isn't about the vaccine for a lot of people. I have heard a lot of fully vaccinated people get pissed at this. I understand that our leadership is hampered by the political leadership but...
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    Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for the Federal Public Service and RCMP

    I have to say I would preferred being ordered to get the vaccine than the way they are handling it. It would be more honest. The military gave me my vaccines so why do I have to attest to my status? Because the CoC is not allowed to know the specifics of my medical status. Then they threaten...
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    PaCE : Performance Appraisal and Competency system

    It seems to look like it was designed to make boards easier. The question I can't get an answer to is how does it help the members?