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    VAC wait times

    So... submitted a claim for a single condition in March 2017, VAC had all required documents in June 2017. Called yesterday, was told their current service standard for a single condition claim was July 2017. In other words, the oldest applications they are working on are complete (all required...
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    VAC wait times

    My current claim for a single condition was submitted in March of 2018 and all required documents were received late June 2018. I called last week and was told best guess was my file would receive a decision by December 2019 or January 2020. So add at least a month for the payout paperwork (if...
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    Why don‘t Infantry wear the RCIC badge?

    Did you wear the cap badge of the reserve regiment that sent you on your Ph III or did you wear the Infantry Corps Badge while on course?
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    Fracture and Training

    As for a typical day of training it depends on what course you are asking about. Q1 Answer. On your basic (IAP/BOTP) expect 4 to 8 km runs depending on your course officer. You will complete fighting order (no rucksack) marches starting from about 2 km working up to the 13 km forced rucksack...
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    Options Between Courses

    It depends on a million different factors, what trade you are, what stage you are in your training, how long is the wait between courses, what personnel are required where you are and where you want to go, who your supervisor is and is he/she willing to help you, which way the wind is blowing...
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    Why don‘t Infantry wear the RCIC badge?

    Reg Force Officers get badged after they have completed Ph IV. For Reg Force Offices there still is a badging ceremony.
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    Small infantry man

    Tell your friend that some of the best Soldiers I know are his size. If he's in good shape and has the drive, he'll do fine.
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    Final question before my BMQ

    Just make sure that you try out your new shoes before you get to St Jean. There are always a few recruits that put on a brand new pair of runners for the first time on the first morning PT and end up injured and re-coursed. Good luck in St Jean.
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    Reserve Officer Policy

    Normally I would never tell you to listen to a Patrica but in this case, he's correct. Cheers.  :dontpanic:
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    Selection Boards for DEOs

    What that means is that you have met all of the min enrollment standards for that specific trade. The RC has forwarded your file to the Mech Eng selection board. In a nut shell... A bunch of officers sit down and look at all of the files that have been forwarded to them and then decide who they...
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    To be Officer or not to be

    What I can tell you, being a DEO who is currently in a Battalion, is to do your research as to what you are getting in to and make your own decision regardless of age. In my first Platoon I had new privates who were in their late twenties. I also went through the training system with other...