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    An old piece of iron - C1A1

    The FNC1A1 had a life-changing impact on my life. In 1972 I was a militia corporal running a basic training course. I had two female recruits in my section, G and C. G was the better looking of the two, in a German barmaid sort of way, although C was no slouch in the looks department. I, being...
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    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    canada-election-retired-gen-rick-hillier-endorses-erin-otoole Rick Hillier shares his endorsement of Erin O'Toole.
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    Afghan Interpreters, Others Fast-tracking to Canada

    Considering how this government has treated its own veterans, why would be surprised at the way they treat "foreigners", regardless of their service to our military. I expect the Afghans are simply asking for more than this government can afford. Excuse the disgust and cynicism.
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    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    This election provides a real voting dilemma for me. A long time small-c conservative, I frankly don't see much appealing in the current Conservative platform, or more especially its leadership. So the question for me is, what is preferable? A Liberal minority or majority? If a minority, will...
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    ‘Defence’ doesn’t fit the job of Canada’s military any more. Let’s create a Department of National Safety instead

    Calgary may not have a dedicated department, but they do have probably the best funded and organized municipal emergency management agency in Canada (Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)). This organization really got its start after the 2013 flood and has been well supported ever since. I...
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    ‘Defence’ doesn’t fit the job of Canada’s military any more. Let’s create a Department of National Safety instead

    I wouldn't say its so much an argument regarding who is the least (or most) competent. The issue is the Feds are the ones with all the money. The vast majority of post-disaster funding comes from the Feds, to the provinces, to the municipalities (there is a fancy formula but that's close...
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    ‘Defence’ doesn’t fit the job of Canada’s military any more. Let’s create a Department of National Safety instead

    Well, on this site we debate constantly whether the CF is ready to fight "the next war", whatever that might look like. I think a general conclusion is that we are not, for various reasons mainly revolving around political interest and national will. We are even less prepared for a major...
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    Heat dome moves toward Alberta after shattering temperature records in B.C., N.W.T.

    Having been a municipal emergency manager, I can sympathize with my colleagues in BC. I suspect we will find out that the majority of the deaths occurred with what I would describe as "marginalized seniors" - the elderly living on their own, possibly with mobility and/or congnisance challenges...
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/springsteen-broadway-astrazeneca-1.6072682 Looks like all you Springsteen fans are in luck!
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    Lee Valley Tools "Reuse Your Shippable Boxes" Initiative

    After 17 “paid”military moves we eventually had to pay for a move, at approximately $1/lb, which caused us to dispose of approximately four tons of stuff we didn’t need. Our latest house has limited storage space so we have a policy - for everything that comes into the house, something of equal...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    article-second-in-command-of-armed-forces-steps-down-takes-medical-leave-after Anybody want to be a GOFO?
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    There is something rotten in the State of Denmark. These two LGens are publicly thumbing their noses at the government. To what end? It's one thing to lose your career for a 30-year-old indiscretion, another to be openly and collectively indiscreet as serving 3-stars. Unless of course it was...
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    A "Why" Dress Thread split from OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    WRT the cap, fur, ridiculous . . . as an O/Cdt I was on contact training at CFB Winnipeg in 1974. I lived in the Officers Mess on the west side of the runway and worked on the east side, so twice a day I had to do the walk along the south side of the runway. In the early winter the wind would...