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    CFAT #2

    First off, kudos for taking steps to identify and action a deficiency. While there is nothing wrong with serving as a cook in the CAF that doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams of service in a different role. It sounds like you have some feedback on the areas of the CFAT that need...
  2. Nickgray

    PRes signals (Sig Op / Sig Tech) training plan/location beyond BMQ & BMQ-L?

    Hi all, Would anyone happen to know the training plan for Reserve Signals trades (specifically Sig Op / Sig Tech) after BMQ & BMQ Land? DP1 and any pertinent OJT for trades qualification are my main concern as PLQ and beyond I’m familiar with. I’m a former RegF Crewman looking to reup as PRes...
  3. Nickgray

    July 2009 BMQ

    Guess I'll see you in St. Jean Thibeault. Where is it you're flying in from?
  4. Nickgray

    July 2009 BMQ

    Regardless of trades, we all go through BMQ - although you're a week ahead of me - but I'll see you in St. Jean!
  5. Nickgray

    LIght bulbs going "metric"

    You'll probably get a really good deal on them too.
  6. Nickgray

    LIght bulbs going "metric"

    Donate them to thrift stores of course.
  7. Nickgray

    LIght bulbs going "metric"

    The sad thing is Moe, we all know people who would believe this.
  8. Nickgray

    July 2009 BMQ

    Just got my call 20 May, 2009 for the July 13 BMQ in St. Jean (flight from Calgary to Montreal 11 July, 2009).
  9. Nickgray

    Unit Organization in Afhganistan

    In my opinion, it is better to err on the side of caution than to have somebody skim information that could harm our people overseas. I'm pointing no fingers here, but not everyone who reads sites such as army.ca has our back in this war. On a side note, if the information is readily available...
  10. Nickgray

    PT partner in Calgary

    Howdy folks, my first post so I figure I'll introduce myself before we get down to business. My name is Nick H. and I have wanted to join the CF ever since I was a kid, a story I'm sure we've all heard many times before. Between juggling a desk jockey career, and previous injuries I have found...