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    Infantry Tactics

    Wilf Owen proposing an approach to Infantry doctrine/organization/tactics he refers to as Patrol Based Infantry Doctrine. He sees the 3-5 man det trained to conduct a recce patrol and an OP as the foundation of all infantry employment. An idea I am somewhat sympathetic to but then I also look at...
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    Army doctrine and its Implementation

    In defence of our training construct it is meant to demonstrate that commanders can coordinate combined arms. A hasty attack necessitating a breach is a good vehicle for this. Again, the problem isn't the hasty attack, it's that it has such a dominant role in the CA. Your previous post was...
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    Army doctrine and its Implementation

    This is a good point and I had considered as part of my original post. If a systematic series of limited attacks is part of a larger approach that is based on an understanding of an enemy who habitually counter attacks then that is fine that that is going to be a great way to attrite the enemy...
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    Army doctrine and its Implementation

    I'm not convinced we fight well in the defence. The thread over in the Cbt Arms form covers this pretty well. I know we are working on it more often now, however, I think we have an underlying cultural preference for offensive ops which is informed by a history that saw us on the offence more...
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    Azerbaijani and Armenian military Clashes

    Thoughts from the article. 1. We need to have the capability to significantly degrade enemy ISR capabilities. Surprise surprise. It's likely that future conflict could see the requirement to achieve "ISR Superiority," or "ISR Degradation" of the opposing force, similar to how we would seek air...
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    Seeking Advanced Squad Leader players

    Anybody played MBT? How does MBT compare to ASL?
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    Marines to Retool to Meet China Threat

    I love tactical/operational/strategic narratives.  This is a good one on the US PACFLT losing. https://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2018/may/how-we-lost-great-pacific-war?fbclid=IwAR0n28Cf_HZr3PZFQAzz-u0WLMRhSirF6ZzPVy-o2ijwAwFlUMWxec1wcxY The Marines just recently did a significant...
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    Marines to Retool to Meet China Threat

    What I've noticed is that the discussion about the China fight is that it is always imagined in Asia and it's related waters. There's good reasons for that but what if we fought them elsewhere, like say Africa? Or what if we fight there proxies, or vice versa? Fighting actual Chinese forces in...
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    Marines to Retool to Meet China Threat

    The Cmdt is not messing around. Big changes afoot for the Corps. Dropping all tanks and 18 cannon batteries and other things in order to reduce the size of the force and gain additional UAS and C130 squadrons and rocket batteries...
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    Winning The Deep Fight

    We've been discussing some of this over in "The Brigade Fight" thread. https://army.ca/forums/threads/129987.50.html You may find this article interesting as well...
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    Lessons Learned by a LAV Captain - Defense

    It’s an expensive way to fight but I don’t know about training as those missiles are simulated.
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    Lessons Learned by a LAV Captain - Defense

    An interesting read back from a SBCT at NTC.  I pulled it from twitter so that's why the flow is a little weird. I talk a lot about leveraging the SBCTs strength so I want to provide an example from a defense. I started drawing this out about a year before execution, with the goal to get an...
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    Could the CF deploy a battalion for NATO missions

    Not if we're going to maintain our current mission sets and the current approach to readiness.  If we are going to drop Ukraine, Latvia, or Iraq to do this, then yes. If you look at the numbers we currently have deployed, its well over a BG in strength.  Heavy in NCO's and officers while many...
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    Milnet Decision Game 4: Seize the Far Bank

    I met the new editor of the CAJ this week and talked to him for a few mins about the state of the journal.  After over a year since submission it looks like my TDG article will get published.  I told him I'd be willing to make more for the journal as well.  The ones we have here would be good...