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    CSIS taping conversations between lawyers, terrorism suspects - Globe & Mail

    Isn't this a case of "fruits of the poisoned tree?" I believe the courts will ignore any evidence gathered from invalid methods of investigation as it violates human rights.
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    Afghan Detainee Mega Thread

    I thought Geneva Conventions only applies to the traditional uniformed members of opposing armies, not irregular combatants like the guerrilla Taliban fighters.
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    signed a 5 yr, already trained, can i release 2 yrs in?

    From the news, around 1 - 1.5 years ago. A would-be officer/pilot (he was an officer for sure, but foggy if he was a pilot) learned that he will be posted to A-stan after he got trained. So he requested to be released. He had to pay for his own ticket home though when he got released. My guess...
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    My numb toes story is ancient (toes remain numb today but story is old), it happened like 3 years ago. The only time someone talked to me about it was on SQ, I was called in to discuss my numb problems with the medics, this Sgt. told me to go see him if I want to quit, cause I can get RTU-ed for...
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    MO is an medical officer right? Around the rank of a Major? Back then, I am not sure about now. That CWO was the person told me to see how my numb toes.
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    the MSP? (i believe thats the name) only covers the basic needs, only addition premium insurance will cover those kind of specialists. Well, I do not want to spend like $250+ on my feet, only numb toes, not like I can feeling stuff with my toes. But buying shoes are kind of awkward now since...
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    Sorry for the delay, my family doctor changed the story when I approach him to about documenting his findings. He now referred me to see a specialist. But since I told my CoC that I am ready to quit, I had to unfcked myself. I did document my numb toes problem when it happened, and have...
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    CBC Sniper Documentary - Rob Furlong

    I guess he chose not to renew his contract?
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    What if I am not sure? It was on doctor's recommendation for me to quit when I went to see him about sore knees. Sore knees turns out be my knees taking too much stress. After my BMQ, the tips of both of my big toes lost sensitivity compared to the other toes. When I went to see this guy, not...
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    Ok, I guess that make sense. Thanks for your feedbacks everyone.
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    What lost kit? I didn't lose any kit.
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    Leaving the CF as a reservist

    If I am getting out because of my family doctor's advice (knees taking too much stress from the kit, and I am not even 25 ffs), would the process be any different from just plain leaving?
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    What is driving North Korea's economy?

    If North Korea is as isolated as the West say it is, why is it still operating? I know the Chinese and South Koreans are supporting it for their own interest. But are those two countries really what's holding North Korea up? Off topic: April of this year, the Ryugyong Hotel is back under...
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    Physical Fitness (Jogging, Diet, Cardiovascular, and Strength )

    definitely in through the nose, out through the mouth; when inhaling, imagine you are trying to pop your lungs, when exhaling, just blast all the air out ASAP through the mouth another thing that really helped me out was using treadmill's heart rate monitor, the treadmill  at which will adjust...