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    VAC wait times

    This week my Departmental Review for hearing, at level 3 since August 2018, was approved.  My original request was submitted a year before retirement in 2008. After 34 years of service, hearing changed from H1 to H3.  It was rejected due lack of evidence of hearing loss on audiograms.  A few...
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    VAC wait times

    This week I was told via email that for Departmental Reviews they are working on June 2018. That said, about 5 months ago I was told they were working on July 2018. Who knows? Have been at level 3 since August 2018.
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    VAC wait times

    Was told today that as of 8 July, Adjudication for reassessments was working on claims dated July 2018.  I had a claim approved over seven months ago, but additional medical information was required to complete the reassessment.  This required info was sent in January 2019. At this rate, I...
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    Military Discounts List

    An 8% discount (for serving or retired) is available from Kal Tire Calgary, at the 14947 Deer Ridge Dr SE location.  Good for tires and auto services (oil changes, alignment, etc).
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    Irish Deputy PM: No "special treatment" for CF flights thru Shannon

    Shannon was a common fuel stop and occasional crew rest for CC130's enroute to Lahr, Germany.  In the early 80s, I recall being closely inspected during each and every stop. We would not carry weapons, ammo, etc during these stops.  So nothing new here!
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    My Godfather William G. (Bill) Ferris

    You can check the website www.lmacanada.ca  (Logistics Movers Association of Canada) which lists serving and former Traffic Technicians.  I see there is an e-mail listed for Bill Ferris.