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    Saying hi

    Going to change this to a private reply. Due to the discussion on Financials which may upset some folks.
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    Saying hi

    @mariomike if you or him, have any questions, message me boss. I can help him with pros and cons of transportation vs engineering vs mechanical, or via vs cp vs cn... it is a career path I feel many can benefit from (same as I view military service, kids generally benefit from it). A lot of...
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    Saying hi

    Ah, you just don't know my problems ;) Any rate, how's life been treating you old friend? Hope you are doing well :)
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    Saying hi

    šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ I'll keep that in mind and we'll be tied to the docks, I have a honey-do list that is still a little to long to sever ties with land in any serious way haha. @Navy_Pete my dad is addicted to kayaking, I just have been bit by the sail bug. But a kayak is awesome, I'm trying to talk the wife...
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    Saying hi

    CN just lost a few guys from this terminal going to VIA, huge perk with them is the schedule... so it is always an option (but I am not a Locomotive engineer yet, likely soon though lol).
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    Saying hi

    Well, we all know what B.O.A.T means hahaha We bought a used watermaker that was a dud, I accidentally finished wrecking a used 4hp tohatsu we had bought, the fuel pump leaks, the perkins still drinks oil like it is going out of style... but! We all love her, my wife and I passed the day...
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    Saying hi

    Had to log in to post ^^ Lurking keeps me out of trouble. But any rate ignoring, politics, drama and BS (your guys' discussion on truckers, covid, o'toole/pierre and trudeau are... enlightening). I hope yall are doing okay. I haven't won the lottery yet, so I'm still bumping along with the...
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    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Very nice Mike! I'll have to get used to it and find my way around again :) Any rate over all, I like it :) Abdullah
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Multiple Stabbings and 2 deaths in Quebec city

    Yeah, I am done with this year. Saddens me, when things like this happen at home.. I guess I am a desensitized pos when I hear about other countriesĀ  :( May god be with them all and the deceased rest in peace. Abdullah
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    Kudos to the Moderators

    Well, I am less active these days.. for many reasons.. regardless I still love this site, mainly, because of how well moder er lets say regulated it is ^^ Keep the good job up guys ^^ Abdullah
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    A College Degree Is No Guarantee of a Good Life

    Within one (oh en ee), year of hiring on at CN Rail, if you hired out of a double sub terminal (or alternatively a road terminal).. I will personally guarantee you will make at LEAST 100k/year (one zero zero) for one year full time employment (excusing if you are a book sick/off addict lol)...
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    Almost 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses, aviation minister says

    Not suprised at all, I have many Pakistani buddies and am acquaintances with many more. I helped refine resumes for some of them looking for work and the... embellishments that were made blew my mind and not small embellishments either. Now I have no baseline aside from Canada on how prevalent...
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    Damages to Vandra

    Thanks Kindly mate, I have ran into them. I do peruse their pages occasionally same with Cruisers forum.. but I got lucky. I was facebooking a year or so ago and ran into the "Robert Perry Fanpage" so since I had a boat designed by Mr.Perry I said what the hell and joined up. I have been BSing...