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PFL - News and Updates
« on: June 11, 2018, 16:06:28 »
Here is the notice of intent to change the Veterans Well Being Regulations.

This is also of importance at the end.
Public comment period
Interested parties may, within 30 days of the publication of this notice in the Canada Gazette, Part I, provide their input and questions on the proposed regulatory amendments to

Now for some bigger questions. For those who had CIA bumped up a grade due to amount of time served will they be bumped back down? I know it says your grade will be protected in coming into force but VAC can ask for a review any time after thus pushing all those back down a grade if they don't meet there current grades requirement.

The New IRB and vocational rehab says it's for those that have injuries that are directly service related. If not directly service related you fall to SISIP for those services. My question is those with direct service related injuries on SISIP will they be transfered over to VAC? I ask because if you are DEC you can earn $20k in extra income without VAC taking anything away from you. If your on SISIP your just crap out of luck with that.

Seems as the regulations are written the impact for PFL gets smaller and smaller for veterans and more and more restrictions and qualifying requirements are slipped in.
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