Author Topic: The First Sign of Canadian Spring....rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim (merged topic)  (Read 73333 times)

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BAM! FREE DONUT! -  ;D I am sooo freaken happy I just pissed myself!
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Evidently someone won a car at the CFB Kingston Tim Horton's last week.
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Evidently someone won a car at the CFB Kingston Tim Horton's last week.

Oui Oui.

While you were swimming your *** off, he was coffee-breaking at Timmies and rolling up the car.  >:D
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To revive a dead thread (oops). I ended the season 16 wins out of 28 total Large or XLarge Double-Double's.

Today after a long day of work, I had purchased another (well after the end of the contest), and found myself staring into an Excel Spreadsheet... rolling up the rim on a normal ol' Timmies cup.

The Boss was giving me weird looks but I couldn't figure out why until I took the cup out of my teeth. Got myself a get-out-of-work-early card though!*

*actually, so did everyone else...
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People have had three weeks to play RUTRTW.
Aside from blank rims on some game cups, how have your odds been this year?

I haven't bought any this year, so I'm at zero for zero.  :whistle:
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7 zip.  At least with McDonald's every 7th is a winner.

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At my work, we've got an easel set up.  After every purchase, you look up the size of your coffee (S/M/L/XL) and add a line to show if it's a winner or a loser.

So far, we can conclude: We drink lots of large coffees.
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Larges only.  O for 10 so far.
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LStL (along with its Tim Hortons) being closed has put a serious dent in my RUTRTW.  1 for 6 so far; free coffee. 

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3 mediums 1 large
2 free donuts won and a coffee..

Lots of luck on medium double doubles lol

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Free coffee only so far.