Author Topic: C27J Tanker from L3 - Another reason to buy Spartan?  (Read 5545 times)

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C27J Tanker from L3 - Another reason to buy Spartan?
« on: November 15, 2005, 11:17:20 »
The C27J with extra tanks would not only allow it to fuel up helos like Cormorant (if re-equipped with probes) but also CH-47Gs.   This would considerably extend the SAR range of Canada's Forces at sea and in the arctic but would also assist in MAJAID response times.   

C27J = Search
CH-149/CH47-G = Rescue

GMAS to Offer C-27J to U.S. Air Force for Combat Rescue Tanker
(Source: Global Military Aircraft Systems; issued Nov. 14, 2005)
 HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --- Global Military Aircraft Systems (GMAS), a joint venture of L-3 Communications subsidiary, Integrated Systems and Alenia North America, Inc. (a Finmeccanica Company), announced today that it will propose the C-27J Spartan medium tactical airlifter to the U.S. Air Force as a possibility for the Combat Rescue Tanker.   
"The C-27J represents the all-around best platform in the Medium Transport Category to support the Combat SAR Tanker requirement" said Giuseppe Giordo, President & CEO, Alenia North America. "The C-27J performance and robust design provides the greatest survivability and ability to perform both Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) operations as well as independent cargo handling operations from unprepared surfaces."   
"L-3's range of capabilities in sophisticated aircraft integration programs such as the C-27J allows us to continue providing the same high-quality, high-tempo support that our Joint Operations Group (JOG) delivers on a daily basis," said Bob Drewes, President and COO of L-3 Integrated Systems Group.   
The C-27J Spartan is the result of a transatlantic partnership between U.S. and Italian aerospace companies. It was designed as a true military airlifter to be interoperable with heavier aircraft such as the C-130 and has significant commonality with the propulsion and avionics systems of the C-130J. The C-27J is currently in use with the Hellenic Air Forces and is under production for the Italian Air Force and has been selected by the Bulgarian Air Force. In addition the C-27J is competing for the U.S. Army's Future Cargo Aircraft program and Canada's Fixed Wing Search and Rescue program.   
The Combat Rescue Tanker will provide Personnel Recovery/Recovery Operations forces with the capability to conduct in-flight and ground refueling of vertical lift assets, including the CSAR-X. The platform will also have the capability to provide airland or airdrop delivery of Pararescuemen and their equipment.   
Alenia has a long history in the tanker business beginning with the company's collaboration on the 707 up to today with our modification and installation work on the Italian Air Force's new 767 tankers.   
L-3's JOG has supported the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)'s MH-53M/J operations through Collocated Depot Teams (CDT) and is currently performing reconstitution activities on designated A/MC-130 aircraft. It provides rapid response logistical support and services to customers deployed worldwide.   
Under the joint venture agreement, L-3 Integrated Systems and Alenia North America jointly manage GMAS. L-3 Integrated Systems is a leader in aircraft modernization, systems integration, contractor logistics support, training, and simulation. Alenia is a leader in the design and manufacturing of commercial and military aircraft. The GMAS team embodies an uncompromising commitment to deliver a proven, interoperable, and survivable airlifter to military customers.   
L-3/IS is recognized internationally as a system integration organization specializing in the modernization and maintenance of aircraft of all sizes, and the study, design, development, and integration of special mission systems for military and commercial applications. The company has modified more than 15,000 different aircraft of more than 125 types. Headquartered in Greenville, Texas, L3/IS operates from multiple sites in Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama and Australia.   
Headquartered in New York City, L-3 Communications is a leading provider of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, secure communications systems, aircraft modernization, training, and government services.   
Alenia North America Inc. is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and also has offices in Seattle, Washington; Long Beach, California; Fort Worth, Texas; and Ottawa, Canada. Alenia North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alenia Aeronautica. Alenia North America has more than 300 employees in the United States and has been entrusted by its parent company to consolidate and further expand the industrial and commercial presence of the Alenia Group in North America.   
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