Author Topic: Plane Savers: Buffalo tries to save Normandy C47 for 75th anniversary  (Read 272 times)

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For fans of the "Ice Pilots" series, you might be interested in following the project under taken by the crew at Buffalo airways to get an old C47 they found in Montreal airworthy again. The aircraft itself has quite the storied history, having actually flown Ops during the Normandy landings.
Mikey McBryan has been posting the steps they're taking on Youtube.  He's quite entertaining describing the goings on around air operations in the North as well, but mainly he talks about all the challenges they're facing to get the old warbird flyable again. He also brings viewers up to date on the usual suspects, his irascible (but big hearted) father Buffalo Joe, his ever resourceful brother Rod, the cantankerous "Chuck", and uncle "tell it like it is" Ronnie, to name just a few.

Hope they get 'er going, even just to see her running will be like the climatic scene of Flight of the Phoenix

It says a lot about them, generously giving so much of their time (and money) to preserve and commemorate those who served, and truly remember them

Check it out and give a "like" to support if you get a chance
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