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Re: Adventure Training
« Reply #25 on: August 21, 2019, 08:42:15 »
DAOD 5031-10 Adventure Training is the bible on that.

Budgetary Support

5.9 Maximum materiel, transportation and financial support may be given for adventure training, provided it is not at the expense of operational training. Support shall be allocated as part of command and unit budgets, and shall be included in training plans.

5.10 In addition to command and unit financial support, voluntary contribution of funds or loan of equipment by participants is encouraged. The expedition leader shall inspect and ensure that equipment loaned by participants or other third parties:
a.meets all applicable safety standards; in satisfactory condition; and appropriate for the expedition.

5.11 Providing that the approving authority determines that there is no conflict of interest (see DAOD 7021-0, Conflict of Interest and Post Employment), commercial sponsorship should be considered, particularly for major expeditions.
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Re: Adventure Training
« Reply #26 on: August 25, 2019, 22:56:27 »
Back in the day our adventure training was either a death march of say 50 miles or a week at an Army recreation facility where we could fish or boat. The Army paid for the later from non appropriated funds that came from user fees from the bowling alley or movie theater. The so called adventure training that were really long marches paid out of operating funds. No matter its name we stayed fit. Through a normal week we did road marches and daily runs of a couple miles. Not hard for a bunch of 18 year olds to stay fit.

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Re: Adventure Training
« Reply #27 on: August 25, 2019, 23:24:03 »
Does anybody know of any funding available, through CFMWS perhaps, for unit adventure training to offset the cost to members?


What costs to members?
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