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Military Urban Myths and Recurring Subjects FAQ
« on: July 18, 2004, 00:03:47 »
The following links lead to threads covering repetitive topics that don't necessarily fit the other FAQs, they are offered as a ready source for new members and a handy link site for experienced correspondents. Send suggestions for changes to the original poster or any Staff in a PM.

If something here interests you, but your particular question isn't answered, please add to the topic before starting a new thread.

Hackles  --,3162.0.html

Lanyards --,17401.0.html
Lanyards - which side is battle honour/dishonour?   --,3066.0.html
Lanyards  --,18376.0.html

Red sashes  --,3067.0.html
RCR red sash  --,3067.0.html
Sashes for Officers  --,17012.0.html

Battle Honours and Colours -,34691.0.html

What would change if (when) we had a King  --,29390.0.html
Links to the Crown  --,31658.0.html
Should the toast to the Queen be omitted from Mess Dinner's  --,23623.0.html

Dumb Topics:

No such thing as a stupid question...  --,4097.0.html
March the guilty b*stard in!  --,28800.0.html
Things you have been told over the years.  --,25101.30.html
Crazy jacking-up sayings from instructors  --,29478.0.html
Most memorable quotes that you've heard  --,1259.0.html

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