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Re: The Depression / Anti Depressants Merged Thread
« Reply #400 on: March 05, 2019, 19:49:35 »

I'm wondering if I can join the military after having had a psychotic event and been on anti-psychotics for a number of years?  I would like to become a pilot.

Any questions regarding medical suitability (i.e. odds of, will I, does CAF, am I, what if, what about, I take these medications, etc etc etc) of a future applicant cannot and will not be answered on this forum.

The process for getting hired to any trade with the CAF is lengthy and involved, and even more so for certain positions, such as pilot.

If it’s something you feel you want to attempt, then there’s no harm in applying. The appropriate people make their decisions on who is successful and who isn’t during each section of the initial hiring process based on all the information the applicant is required to provide. (And any additional selection processes required of certain trades.)

No one on this forum is going to be able to give you concrete assurances/answers. The personal backgrounds of CAF members are as varied as  one might imagine, but as for what is and isn’t considered a ‘hard no’ in terms of successful applicants is up to those who are directly involved with each applicant file, not anonymous users on the internet.

As was stated, if you’re serious, apply and see what happens. But back-up plans are always good to have.
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