Author Topic: [AUS] Government fighting struggling veterans with taxpayers’ money  (Read 602 times)

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Sadly, we're not the only folks to have to deal with this.

Australian taxpayers are paying for top lawyers to fight vulnerable veterans who are desperately seeking compensation from the government.

It’s been revealed the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has spent more than $15 million over the last three years hiring lawyers from top firms to take on veterans.

Ben Fordham says the way the government is treating our veterans is a disgrace.

“And guess what? We pay for the lawyers! The taxpayers pay for the lawyers to take on our heroes.

“They’re asking for some help and in some cases for some compensation. But instead of getting a fair hearing Veterans’ Affairs hires the best lawyers they can find to avoid taking a hit to the hip pocket.”

Military lawyer and former army officer Glenn Kolomeitz tells Ben he’s spent many afternoons crying in his car after he couldn’t secure compensation for his struggling veteran clients after going up against the government’s lawyers.

“It is just devastating for them.

“There’s very limited legal aid funding available.

“There absolutely must be a royal commission.”

Click PLAY below (on link) to hear the full interview
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