Author Topic: "Canada probing data theft at military research center: reports"  (Read 1237 times)

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This from Agence France-Presse:
The Canadian army is probing the theft of highly sensitive information from a military research center by a former employee, media reports said Tuesday.

The now-retired civilian specializing in ballistics is suspected of having stolen and destroyed some 30,000 files containing highly sensitive information, public broadcaster Radio-Canada reported. The employee has not been formally charged.

Defense Ministry spokesman Harjit Sajjan told AFP that a probe is underway but declined to comment further.

A court document seen by Radio-Canada says military police obtained a search warrant for a highly restricted area within a research facility run by Defence Research and Development Canada, located near a military base outside Quebec City.

This document says files were copied and then erased, such as photos of ballistic test results, videos of ballistic trials and munitions procurement records, Radio-Canada said ...
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Almost sounds like a scientist took copies of their work when they were running down to retire, then thought better of it and destroyed it. Given how long they've been at it, a lot of that stuff is obsolete, and DRDC publishes a lot of papers into the public domain anyway.

From personal experience, find that sometimes really innocuous things get twisted and reported in the media like everyone is some kind of spy.  Your turnover included a USB with 25 year old files marked secret buried a dozen directories down that hasn't been opened in 15 years? Obviously the next SLt Deslisle.  The nice thing is there is never any follow up to explain what actually happened, but at least there is no name here so won't be associated with the person. A pet peeve where something like this happens they don't bother to release anything if you were completely cleared.

PS don't ever take a USB or any other electronic files not properly archived as part of a turnover, unless you are prepared to review every single file first. Absolute nightmare that took years off my life and almost wrecked my whole career.