Author Topic: It's Been 4 years since my first application.  (Read 1909 times)

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It's Been 4 years since my first application.
« on: April 20, 2018, 19:55:48 »
The first time i applied for the reserves was 4 years ago, i was 16.

The first time i applied, I filled out the application online but that about as far as  went. My life was busy at the time and i didn't try to peruse it any further.

Foward 2 years and i was 18 attending college at the time. I appled for the local reserve unit where i am currently living. I went for my interview, Done the CFAT, the fitness test, medical. At the time i was one pills for anxiety i was having at the time. A few months  later i received a letter asking for more information. Long story short after sending the forum back and waiting about 6 months I called my recruiting office and asked what was the news on my file. They informed me that my medical was denied.

So  waited a year and went to talk to me recruiting officer again and he told me to apply again. So i did. I had my medical again and because Ive been off my pills for a long time now the medical officer said everything looked good. This was back in December.  Since then ive been checking in with my recruiter every now and then to the point he wont reply to me anymore.

Its been over 2 years since ive been trying to get in. The last word i got from my recruiter about a month ago was my file is still under review.

Is there anyone else i can contact about my application? Id like to see if i need to fill out another forum giving more information again but the recruiter wont answer me.