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Re: The Woodworking Thread
« Reply #75 on: September 01, 2017, 16:36:25 »
Thanks guys, that's a pretty handy setup, I hadn't thought of using the router for that; I can definitely build that jig up and use it for a few projects I have in mind, and finish it off with a nice old hand planer I inherited.  With a sacrificial strip on the edges that would be a quick way to plane the cutting board, and also need a workbench that's higher up so I don't hunch over all the time (which is probably karma for laughing at short friends while going through engineering school who are keeping the design height at 5'6" for everything).

I was more looking at the wood carving grinder bits as well, but the planer attachment would be handy for flattening an area on a carving I guess.  I've seen some pretty interesting carvings made up with layered plywood blocks and thought that the grinder carving wheel would be a good way to play around with that a bit.