Author Topic: Gen(Retired) Jimmy Cox - Advisor (?) to JTFA Commander  (Read 8523 times)

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Re: Gen(Retired) Jimmy Cox - Advisor (?) to JTFA Commander
« Reply #25 on: October 08, 2016, 08:35:41 »
Because the coloured wool on the toes is guaranteed to match and he can't rag on anybody for that...?

Seriously, though, I only ever had one encounter with him, and it was positive. Then-Lieutenant-Colonel Cox had just arrived in Petawawa as the Base Commander in 1992 and I was about to leave for Downsview on my next posting. I was acting as an Assisting Officer for a female Corporal, the victim of unbelievably disgusting harassment, including death threats, and I had to brief him on some delicate circumstances and recommend the only just course of action. I don't recall hearing any stories about him before that, but I was advised that if I did not get him going in the right direction immediately, the cause would be irrevocably lost. He certainly did the right thing that time.

I still enjoy the tales, though.

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Re: Gen(Retired) Jimmy Cox - Advisor (?) to JTFA Commander
« Reply #26 on: October 08, 2016, 10:56:58 »
OK, I give, why is this a bad thing?

Second hand - that they'd wreck his feet on a ruck march??!!

First time I met Gen Vernon was actually kinda funny - some guy was changing in the locker room at the gym and mentioned it was a good day for winter warfare about -40'ish outside.  I quipped that I thought winter and warfare were two completely contradictory terms.  He asked why - I told that after a certain point, nothing works right, including people and equipment.  That was when I noticed the new garrison dress - he was one of 3 people on Base with it at the time...and he was looking a little closely at my unit epaulettes and my name tape...

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Re: Gen(Retired) Jimmy Cox - Advisor (?) to JTFA Commander
« Reply #27 on: October 08, 2016, 11:40:16 »
I had two direct dealings with Mr Cox when he was BComd Petawawa in about 1992. The first was negative- he decreed that to eat in the Officers Mess, one had to be in uniform or jacket and tie- regardless of the summer weather of 33C plus humidex. The living in population plummeted from over a hundred to nearly nothing in the space of a few months. I do not think that either Normandy or  Rhine Ruhr officers Mess ever fully recovered. I never fully forgave him for destroying what was in my mind a fairly unique level of inter unit trust and cooperation, as up until then, the majority of the junior officers in the brigade knew each other by first name and trusted each other. After that, people tended not to socialize outside of unit lines very much.

The second was in the field and was more positive. My Troop was conducting a basic mountain ops course and repelling/climbing the cliffs on the Petawawa River. He stopped by with his driver, watched the training (without getting in the way), mingled with the troops and asked good questions. I had heard the horror stories of him jacking troops improperly dressed on the other side of range control. Apparently, he was happy with my troops, as nary a harsh word was issued.