Author Topic: China's Vancouver consulate recruits volunteer corps, raising concerns  (Read 356 times)

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China's Vancouver consulate recruits volunteer corps, raising concerns of foreign interference in city
The volunteer group was ostensibly created to assist Chinese nationals who run into legal trouble or physical danger in Canada

VANCOUVER — A recent decision by the consulate-general of the People’s Republic of China to form a corps of citizen volunteers in this city is raising concerns about improper foreign interference in Canadian affairs.

The volunteer group, whose recruits include some prominent Chinese-Canadian community leaders, was ostensibly created to assist Chinese nationals who run into legal trouble or physical danger in Canada. Being a consular volunteer is an “honour and a responsibility” and in keeping with the “watchful solidarity of the Chinese people,” says a recent posting on the consulate’s website.

But some China watchers are suspicious of the initiative.

“I believe that there’s more to the consulate’s efforts than simply training consular volunteers, and that they may be looking to enlist Chinese citizens, and even Canadians, to promote the Communist Party’s political agenda,” said David Mulroney, Canada’s former ambassador to China and a senior fellow at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs.

The National Post invited Chinese consular officials to explain the role of the volunteer corps and to respond to critics’ concerns. In an email, they replied: “Please refer to our official website.”

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PLA North America Division  ;D

I've been watching a lot of Man In The High Castle lately, what can I say!  The New Chinese Pacific States has a nice ring to it!


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PLA North America Division  ;D
You never know when China'll need "volunteers" to, say, lend moral support to things going on here - sort of like the Russian-speaking "spontaneous" protesters blocking access to UKR bases in Crimea in 2014 while the little green men dropped by & watched (source of attached screen grab @ Youtube). 

"Just looking out for fellow compatriots, don't ya know ..."
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More likely expanding the Chinese restaurant trade throughout North America , now that's an invasion that I might get behind. ;D