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Re: The WTF News Files
« Reply #850 on: August 13, 2019, 15:09:39 »
This guy who shall be known as Mr. TV  Head doesn't quite come up to the standard of Mr. Canoe Head.
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Re: The WTF News Files
« Reply #851 on: August 18, 2019, 17:37:31 »
How about start firing people instead.

The investigation into the VE-day debacle has now hit the press.

Is there anyone else concerned about the fact that the video had properly gone through the review process at several managerial levels and not one of those dullards could recognize a German Army uniform?

"Staff deeply regret the error"  There is one quote in the article that raises more questions:

... By May 10, the investigation had zeroed in on where things went sideways.

"Just found out the footage in question was of German prisoners of war captured by Canadians. Taken from a Canadian Army newsreel," Embury wrote his colleagues. "I like the initiative, but without context..."

To put it politely those were images of very well armed Germans marching into combat. They may eventually have become someones prisoners but ...

If these people know that little about this subject field and are this sloppy should they really be working at VAC at all? Sometimes apologies just aren't good enough. Whatever happened to ministers firing bad staff and resigning over their department's incompetence?

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