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xx Posting of Articles & Other Gentle Reminders

July 31, 2020, 10:38:27 by BeyondTheNow
Good day all,

This is a quick thank you again for the efforts most of you have been making in keeping topics/threads civil and constructive over the last months. Times are still disruptive, and it’s easy for issues to bleed into each other through our keyboard at times. Keep it up. It makes for much easier reading by DS, and the user-base in general.

That said, there are a couple of points which need mentioning.

1) While encourages the posting of news articles and other sources of info which help support thread interaction, it’s important that a few personal remarks are accompanying the added information.

Going forward, we ask that all articles are prefaced somehow (with the exception of the “Editorial Cartoon” thread) Posting an article (partial or in full) with no frame of context, or focus outlining specifically which idea, quote, opinion, etc the poster is hoping to convey and/or debate does little to engage other users, and isn’t viewed as a valuable contribution in helping to move the discussion forward. The comments don’t need to be involved. They can be something as simple as a quick sentence outlining why one is choosing to include the article in the discussion.

2) There are a couple of threads that DS have purposely been more lenient with simply because of the conditions under which they were created. (ie “All Things Coronavirus...” is the easiest and most current to refer to.) It’s expected that small deviations from the main topic of discussion will occur from time to time, and DS will typically wait and see whether the comments circle back to the original content—Usually they do without intervention.

But please maintain the practice of beginning a new thread within the appropriate board (and/or searching for one related) for tackling ideas and/or questions that are clearly separate from the main purpose of an already existing thread. It makes moderating a bit easier, and also helps keep comments categorized appropriately for those searching for specific information.

Thank you in advance,
BTN Staff
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clip Russian Navy ISO container missile system

Today at 14:08:19 by Dana381
With these containerized weapons systems Russia could place them on a cargo ship and then when they are in range of a strategic target fire a nuclear cruise missile. Then they could dump the container overboard to get rid of the evidence. The article says they can operate the weapons autonomously without connection to the warships power supply. Scary stuff! Who would suspect a container ship, they could put it on a ship bound for any port and sail right into that port. Hiding in plain sight.

It would be a very useful system to have for warships as you can change the mission/load out of the ship very quickly and have the same functionality with fewer hulls.
I believe the U.S. uses a modular system on its LCS ships but I have not heard if the modules are ISO container sizes and if they can be operated independently.

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xx Military combat veteran avoids jail time on child porn conviction due to PTSD

July 28, 2020, 19:34:07 by daftandbarmy
Military combat veteran avoids jail time on child porn conviction due to PTSD

VICTORIA -- A Canadian military veteran who was caught with hundreds of images of child pornography and admitted to encouraging the sexual abuse of his partner's five-year-old son, will avoid serving jail time due in part to the post-traumatic stress he incurred while on multiple combat tours.
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xx Claims, TD, and Such[ split from Gen Vance announces retirement]

July 24, 2020, 20:55:13 by Weinie
Why bother? They control the budget anyway so cost cutting and a probable force reduction is already written on the wall. Willingness isn't the issue.

What they really need is to find someone who can take those cost reductions and make the hard decisions to reshape the force so that it is still credible and capable. (getting rid of 10,000 full-timers in Ottawa [including seventy-five or more GOFOs/senior civil servants and the hierarchy of Cols, LCols, Majs etc that support them] would be a good start first step - I'll start the bidding with 50 legal officers and two military judges plus staff as well as all of DNDCFLA  ;D)

Good luck finding someone within the organization with that skill set.



If you can find a way to stop the myriad (and mostly useless) statutory reporting requirements that have been enacted over the last 25 years, then you will go a long way to ridding Ottawa of thousands of uniforms, and endless administration. Finance, Supply, Procurement, HR, Diversity, Hateful Conduct, Education, Care of Ill and Injured, Audits, OPQ's, ATI's, etc etc . These are all mandated programs, so they are either dealt with in Ottawa, with the requisite pers burdens that they entail, or pushed down to the Op and tactical level for resolution, which takes people away from their jobs. Is there room to trim, undoubtedly, but I witnessed first hand the "lean HQ" initiative that manifested itself in the Army in the early 90's. HQ's were cut significantly, and the still extant reporting requirement was pushed to Bdes and units, with the result that they were swamped with bureaucratic admin shyte. Somebody has to do it.
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xx Gen Vance announces retirement

July 23, 2020, 15:02:56 by Remius

No link yet.  Just saw it on the news. 

social media apparently has it.
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xx 22 Jul 2020: AB RCMP lays terror charges after 7 yr probe

July 22, 2020, 22:19:01 by
This from the RCMP ....
As the result of an extensive and complex national security investigation spanning a 7-year period, the RCMP's Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) in Alberta has laid charges in relation to terrorism-related offences.

Hussein Sobhe Borhot (34) of Calgary has been charged with:

    Participation in activity of terrorist group contrary to section 83.18 of the Criminal Code (3 counts)
    Commission of offence for terrorist group contrary to section 83.2 of the Criminal Code (1 count)

Between May 9, 2013 and June 7, 2014, Hussein Sobhe Borhot travelled to Syria where he contributed to activities of a terrorist group, the Islamic State (IS). During this time, Hussein Sobhe Borhot enlisted with IS, received training for the purpose of enhancing the ability of IS, knowingly participated or contributed to the activities of the group and knowingly committed the offence of kidnapping at the direction of, or in association with the terrorist group.

Following a judicial hearing, Hussein Sobhe Borhot was remanded into custody and will be appearing on July 24, 2020 in Calgary Provincial Court.

    "Canada is not immune to terrorist threats, and INSETs are key players defending Canada's national security." says Superintendent Stacey Talbot, Officer-in-Charge of "K" Division INSET. "Through an integrated law enforcement approach, the RCMP and its partners are in a better position to prevent, detect, deny and respond to threats to Canada's national security."

The investigation remains ongoing and could result in further arrests or charges. The announced charges are now before the courts and the RCMP will not be able to provide additional information at this time ...
More from CBC, Global and The Canadian Press.
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