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xx Subscribing/Donating

January 30, 2019, 21:57:35 by AbdullahD
Top of the evening Mike or staff

I just tried subscribing via e-transfer and it failed on me via the alternate to PayPal option.

If you want to confirm who or where I can send it to, I will do so shortly. Been here to long not to pitch in.


P.s reason for the post is I see two different e transfer addresses and the alternate subscribe page failed so wanted to be sure that the addresses were up to date before I sent.
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xx Party Flight and Threat on Journalist

June 12, 2019, 08:49:34 by Caesar Augustus
Old news reappearing: The effort to silence journalist in this case was alarming, considering the senior leadership allegedly involved:

Link removed per guidelines,,99046.0.html

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xx Meanwhile back at the perpetually offended tent/Infidel tattoo questions

June 05, 2019, 19:49:35 by Colin P
Sigh someone got their knickers in a knot for someone proclaiming exactly what they are.

Mod edit -- Just added a bit to the title to make it clearer.
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xx New Nanaimo MP taking petition to Ottawa calling for DND rifle range access

May 26, 2019, 13:13:42 by daftandbarmy
Here we go.... just because we're both 'Green' doesn't mean they love the military, either:

New Nanaimo MP taking petition to Ottawa calling for DND rifle range access

Incoming Nanaimo-Ladysmith MP Paul Manly plans to kick off his new job by tabling a petition in the House of Commons.

Manly will be sworn in on Monday, doubling the number of Green Party of Canada MPs in Ottawa. Party Leader Elizabeth May, the MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, has been the lone Green MP.

Manly said he aims to introduce the petition “sometime [next] week.”

The petition, started by mountain biker Tyler Walker, calls for public access to 351 hectares designated as a Department of National
Defence rifle range west of Nanaimo’s downtown.

More than 4,000 names were on the petition by Friday evening.

CFB Esquimalt ordered the public to stay off the property, which it said is used for live fire training during the day, at night and throughout the weekends.

The military is giving access to people on certain days so they can remove structures such as bridges and ramps that were built without permission. It will then dismantle what is left.

The nearly century-old rifle range has been a popular recreational area for many years. Along with mountain bikers, families, hikers and dog-walkers frequent the rugged and scenic spot.

Manly acknowledged that the military needs a rifle range, but said the community has grown over the years. The range was set up close to 100 years ago.

“The city has changed since then. We’ve had a lot of urban development,” he said. “In the 1920s, that would have been way out in the boonies. But now, there’s development coming up all around the place.”

Manly has written to the defence minister suggesting it might be time to look for a different spot for a rifle range.
He is urging consultation with recreational users, the Regional District of Nanaimo, the City of Nanaimo and the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

Private forest lands with a natural barrier such as steep mountain face, might be suitable, he said. “So there is no worry about people going back there.”

There is no Crown land available, he said.

Manly has used trails around the range and said lack of signage means it is difficult to know if one is in a park or on DND land.

“You could be coming down through the rifle range and not know it,” he said.

“People need to be safe and the military needs a safe area to be doing target practice.”

He’s also been hearing from area residents complaining about noise from machine guns firing. Manly, who lives about four to five kilometres from the range, hears it as well.

“It is quite pronounced.”
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xx Strong, Secure, Engaged: A Two-Year Review

May 25, 2019, 18:30:36 by daftandbarmy

Strong, Secure, Engaged: A Two-Year Review

The Trudeau government released its defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, in June 2017 with considerable fanfare around the publication’s fiscal underpinnings. It was stated that the policy review that led to the document was the most rigorously costed Canadian defence policy exercise ever. The policy was supported by external auditors and accompanied by several fiscal transparency initiatives. The document included a 20-year projection of the underpinning budget – in the accrual accounting format used in federal budgets – as well as a projection of cash spending, which is the accounting format used in the Estimates and reports to Parliament. The policy also included a projection of how Canada would measure up to the NATO spending targets to which it had committed as a member of the alliance, spending two per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) on defence and spending 20 per cent of that money on equipment purchase and related research and development. These spending projections are all a novel feature of Canadian defence policy under Strong, Secure, Engaged and they allow progress on the policy to be measured. While funding never tells the full story on any public policy file, it is a critical indicator of policy implementation.

Two years after the publication of Strong, Secure Engaged, the Trudeau government’s record of spending the money to implement its policy is a largely positive one. The government is struggling to spend as much on capital (equipment and infrastructure) as it hoped, and spending on equipment and related research and development as a share of the defence budget is falling short of expectations. However, spending on those procurement projects is rising in inflation-adjusted dollars for the first time in years. Meanwhile, total defence spending is meeting, or exceeding, the expectations set with the policy’s publication.
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xx Space based SAR?

May 14, 2019, 20:52:45 by Spencer100
Buying something from MDA for SAR to do with space.  Sorry I don't even iunderstand this one.  Can someone help?

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