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xx Wiki Editors Wanted

September 22, 2020, 08:31:57 by Mike Bobbitt

A few years back, we added a Wiki to, and many members contributed to its content:

Recent changes in the forum and mediawiki software packages have made seamless login from one to the other impossible, and so the Wiki contents have stagnated. I am looking for a handful of editors who would be  willing to update and expand the information in the Wiki. For those who are able, I can manually create accounts and set you loose to make updates. Please let me know via PM or reply to this thread if you are interested, and thanks for helping to make a better place!

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xx PSAC supporting cleaners

Today at 03:33:53 by FSTO
PSAC has started a campaign to wrest cleaning contracts away from non unionized contractors.


Uncover the Costs

When governments contract out public sector work to private companies, profits take priority over services, and everyone, except the corporate shareholders, ends up paying the price.

Instead of providing the budget to hire an adequate number of employees, the Department of National Defence skimps on staffing budgets, forcing Base Commanders to contract out while knowing that it will cost more money to provide less service. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in this shell game, with substantial profits going to private corporations in Canada, and across the globe.

In the meantime, communities across the country, that rely on Canadian Forces bases for employment, are left with minimum wage, precarious jobs instead of decent work that pays a decent wage and allows workers to contribute to their local economies.

The Government of Canada has said that it is committed to ending precarious work, supporting our troops and investing in local communities. Bringing this work back in house will do that. Tell DND and the Government to stop paying more to get less.
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xx City of Vancouver staff: no more free parking for CF vets

October 21, 2020, 01:21:45 by daftandbarmy
Now, if they just could all ride bikes instead....   ::)

City of Vancouver staff urging removal of free parking for Canadian Forces veterans

A motion moved by NPA councillor Melissa De Genova in November 2019 calling on city staff to develop policies that expand free parking for veterans of the Canadian Forces was approved by Vancouver City Council in November 2019.

Nearly a year later, City of Vancouver staff are returning to city council with recommendations that achieve the complete opposite of the motion’s intention.

Not only are city staff not recommending year-round free parking for veterans, but they are urging city council to remove the current provisions for free parking for veterans during the annual week-long period leading up to Remembrance Day starting in 2021.

City Manager Sadhu Johnston argued the bureaucracy is taking this position over how free parking for veterans counters with the municipal government’s position on decreasing car use, and the expected budgetary impact from decreased parking revenues.

“We have many concerns about subsidizing parking for veterans. It incentivizes driving as a way to travel, which is in direct opposition to our climate change and transportation policies. It interferes with our strategy to manage street space through pricing tools,” he wrote in the report.

“It does not support veterans who travel in other ways, such as by transit, walking, or cycling. Veterans are not, in general, a low-income or disadvantaged group, so this does not advance key equity goals and not charging for parking would not support low-income veterans, many of whom may not be able to afford a vehicle. Depending on the direction given by Council, it may also be costly and reduce City revenues.”

On the city’s emerging concept of “equity,” the report adds this counters the city’s new approach to focus its support for “historically disadvantaged communities.”

Currently, vehicles displaying a veteran licence plate are exempted from parking meter fees each year between November 4 and 11. This policy has been in place since 2007.

- mod edit to make full headline legible -
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xx Canadian Forces Reservists behind fake letter warning of wolves being released

October 12, 2020, 20:53:44 by MilEME09

Welcome to a PR nightmare, not a person named but a unit that created this. Why do I feel like an OC is about to find a new job.

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xx Sexual assault charges stayed as questions of independence rock military justice

October 04, 2020, 07:44:05 by Lumber
The judge, Cmdr. Martin Pelletier, stayed court martial proceedings against Capt. Mark Iredale last month after finding the officer couldn't be guaranteed his right to a trial before an independent and impartial tribunal.

Ok, so does this not set the precedent that anyone in the forces charged with sexual assault and is going to go before a court marital instead of a civilian court will have their charges stayed?

Edit to add more content directly from article.
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