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xx Calling all ladies/females/women!

September 10, 2020, 19:23:16 by BeyondTheNow
Hello Folks,

As a regularly contributing member to this site for almost 8yrs, I’ve noted a concerning trend with the downward momentum of participation from female users on the site. This is disheartening.

I encourage everyone to reach out to your female friends and colleagues, and let them know they’re welcome here!

In this day and age, the year 2020, it’s important to know that your voice, your thoughts, your experience, your rank (or not), your opinions, your visions and your feedback are as important and valid as anyone else’s on Please speak up, please contribute. This is not a boy’s club and your presence matters!

Edit to add: Of course, there is no pressure to provide more information at any point than what a user feels comfortable disclosing during the course of posting/completing a profile. Merely, this is an open invitation to let you know that you’re especially welcome and encouraged!

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xx Army commander vows to issue special order to weed out extremists in the ranks

September 16, 2020, 18:43:47 by OceanBonfire
We'll see if that "explicit direction" will actually be clear. I don't really have my hopes up though.

Army commander vows to issue special order to weed out extremists in the ranks

The commander of the Canadian army says he plans to issue a special order that will give individual army units across the country "explicit direction" on how to deal with soldiers suspected of hateful conduct and extremism.

Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre told CBC News he also will reinforce the message personally by convening a meeting of all commanding officers and regimental sergeants major — 450 mid-level leaders — to discuss the problem of far-right infiltration of the military.


Eyre, who acknowledged last week that the army has a growing problem of right-wing extremism, also reiterated his determination to "crush" hateful ideology and acts in the ranks.


Eyre said that, with the upcoming order, he intends "to lay out my expectations for the actions that need to be taken, the proactive actions, the decisiveness that we have to deal with these cases.


Jaime Kirzner-Roberts, the director of The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center's campaign against anti-Semitism, said she would like to know if the navy and the air force plan to issue to similar directives.


The question of whether military commanders have enough legal authority — either through the National Defence Act or the Criminal Code of Canada — to address the growing problem is up for debate.

Many of the cases to date have been dealt with quietly through the military's administrative and disciplinary process — but Kirzner-Roberts said it's clear from the Myggland case that a "safe space" has been created for racism and intolerance to fester in the ranks.

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xx Search for new CDS 2020

September 13, 2020, 19:37:35 by PuckChaser
Interesting article from forum member and journalist Lee Berthiaume describing what most of us know already: The CDS is largely a political pick to push enact Government policy. We should not expect someone to rock the boat too hard against potentially Force-altering budget cuts due to massive Government deficits. Also included is a list of the 3-Leaf (star?) front runners including LGens Rouleau, Eyre, Menzinger and Coates as well as VAdm McDonald.
Next defence chief will signal Liberals' priorities for the military

Lee Berthiaume
The Canadian Press

Published Sunday, September 13, 2020 7:10AM EDT
OTTAWA -- Time is running out for the federal Liberal government to name a new commander of the Canadian Armed Forces before it faces a confidence vote, with some observers worrying a delay could leave the military in limbo in the event of an election.

Yet exactly who will be selected to succeed Gen. Jonathan Vance as chief of the defence staff remains a mystery because while there may be one seemingly obvious choice, there are others who might suit the Liberals better.

"There's a generalized understanding that any of the individuals who have made it to three stars have demonstrated a pretty strong portfolio in terms of competencies and strengths," said Canadian Forces College professor Alan Okros.

"It then becomes an issue about where does the priority fall?"

The Liberal government has quietly indicated it wants to announce the new chief of defence staff before the speech from the throne on Sept. 23. Sources at the Department of National Defence, who are not authorized to discuss the search publicly, said interviews were conducted this past week
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xx CA forest fires

September 11, 2020, 13:06:19 by Spencer100
National Guard Chinook pilots, 300 stranded, told to jump in lake. NG Chinooks went back twice.

CalFire:  "Return to base.  It's too dangerous!"

Cal NG:  "This is why no one will remember your name".
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xx AQ Supported Busted Again After Release

August 24, 2020, 12:58:08 by Bread Guy
Someone's not getting the message ...
Convicted al-Qaeda supporter Kevin Omar Mohamed was arrested by Toronto counter-terrorism police on Sunday for the second time since his release from prison last year.

Mohamed, 27, was to appear in court Monday to face a terrorism peace bond following his arrest by the RCMP-led Integrated National Security Enforcement Team.

The arrest came six weeks after he was arrested for allegedly violating the conditions of his probation by possessing a cell phone capable of accessing the internet ...
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xx Coup in Mali

August 21, 2020, 13:28:24 by Colin P
I wonder if this might result in a request for more Canadians troops in Mali to oversee a peaceful resolution and elections?
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