Overall, do you think the new Sigs Amalgamation will end up good or bad in 5 years time from Jan 2011? (Implementation timeframe)

Won't make much of a TRUE difference to the Sigs world, just different names!

Author Topic: Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)  (Read 607347 times)

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We could definitely still do this even if we split up again, EME is all separate trades, not subocs like ACISS. I like the idea, but it would have to be relevant information, and not trying to make operators out of everybody again.

We'd have to keep the training as common to all. Would remove the requirement for basic theory in the DP1 phase.

Keep in mind here that the training was never going to make operators out of anyone. It was the idea that the operator job was easy to train and retain was how we started down this gongshow.