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Ships & Vessels / Re: New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy
« Last post by Monsoon on Today at 05:24:21 »
The BMD capability is a function of the capacity of search radars, fire control radars and the missiles themselves. While a VLS-launched SM6 is capable of doing BMD, the search and fire control radars on our ships do not have the required capabilities. The limiting factor is the angle of approach: ballistic missiles in their final approach are moving exceptionally fast and from very nearly directly above. You need a full 3D volume scanning radar (one that includes coverage "straight up") capable of detecting threats very quickly, and a fire control radar capable of designating targets at close to the vertical. For all intents an purposes, APAR is pretty much a requirement to accomplish this.
Radio Chatter / Re: The New Class War
« Last post by Thucydides on Today at 01:54:45 »
A very interesting look at how the different "class" structures might be determined; "affinity groups" rather than the traditional divisions based on economics, ethnic origin or other crude groupings:

There's been a suggestive string of events:  Ossoff's loss, the Supreme Court decision not just on the church playground but the travel ban, ISIS' endgame in Mosul.

It's as if a hinge were turning. But what door will open?

Not necessarily into a broad beautiful upland. The door may open to someplace dismal. Yet clearly it will be somewhere different. Even the radical Islamists want a reboot because the old formula no longer works. The progressive project is a half step behind, doubling down. They don't realize the Future is over.

The future may look very different than that envisioned in the late 20th century. Perhaps one of the sleeper trends is the growth of peer-to-peer activity, such as people creating their individual electric grids and trading power -- in Brooklyn. It will be interesting to see whether the cooperative model of the future will be the dreaded Internet of Things or much more voluntary arrangements based on affinity groups.

Perhaps the real significance of the Supreme Court ruling that religious institutions should be eligible to receive public funds for purely secular purposes is that little tents can again dare compete with big tents.

The highlighted portion explains the absolute blazing hatred of Donald J Trump, the Brexit and every other exemplar of rejection by the media, academia and the political/bureaucratic classes: the system is rigged for the benefit of those owning and running the "big tents", so whatever gives power to the "little tents" threatens the system they have conceived and profit from.
Canadian Politics / Re: Politics in 2017
« Last post by Thucydides on Today at 01:48:25 »
I think the Martin Lukacs' piece for the Guardian makes the case that Trudeau much more centrist than many believe; he's much like Emmanuel Macron. It makes sense too; apparently the Liberal Party is moderate compared to NDP. I don't think anyone outside of Canada really thought Trudeau was the 'champion of progressive;' perhaps that was the reason why that opinion piece appeared in the Guardian--to demonstrate to progressive Europeans that Trudeau isn't the progressive they conceived him to be.

The definitions of many things vary according to culture, our "Conservatives" would be pretty liberal or at best centrists in the United States, and even the term "Liberal" has a different meaning in British Columbia when compared to the Rest of Canada. So it isn't surprising that Europeans would find our idea of "Progressive" not in accord to their version......
Update for fellow SCP applicants. I received my offer for SCP MARS today. Offers should be rolling out this week if you haven't received one yet. Good luck and congratulations!
Congratulations! Way to start the week Hopefully find out my fate soon times.

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International Defence and Security / Re: Syria Superthread [merged]
« Last post by MCG on Today at 01:26:00 »

White House claims that it sees the same indicators that preceded the last Syrian chemical weapon attack, and a warning is sent to Syria: "don't do that"

Hi again folks,

I was on here before looking for some information on COT's, which Guy Incognito was nice enough to find for me. My trb was at the end of November and that is when I was removed from course and cease trained. I interviewed with the bpso at the beginning of May (way beyond the 70 days in the Canforgen) and to date, still do not have a new trade.

Basically we are looking at 8-9 months and counting and given that I have already been advised on this msg board that 8-12 months would be falling through the cracks, I feel confident in saying this is getting a bit ridiculous. Is anyone aware of how I can find out out what is happening? What avenues would I have to rectify this delay? I am assuming I should be putting together a grievance based on the simple fact that the 30-70-90 timeline in the canforgen has been completely disregarded.

Thanks for your help!
Canadian Politics / Re: Politics in 2017
« Last post by Jarnhamar on Today at 00:31:30 »
Love it.  If Harper, blessed be his name, ever wore eid socks the left would be screaming murder and rage that he was disrespecting Islam since he has the socks on his feet and he's walking all over them.  But it's Justin so obviously respectful.
Recruiting / Re: Artillery officer
« Last post by Kashim on Yesterday at 23:45:53 »
Thank you the fellow who posted the training times, these are surprisingly difficult to find anywhere for any of the occupations other than public affairs officer.
My interview and medical is in 33 hours. Wish we luck boys, the dream is one step closer to reality!
Update for fellow SCP applicants. I received my offer for SCP MARS today. Offers should be rolling out this week if you haven't received one yet. Good luck and congratulations!
Canadian Politics / Re: Politics in 2017
« Last post by jollyjacktar on Yesterday at 23:31:10 »
Wow, those are fugly socks.
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