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Air-Forceca-Ico Question for Mods and / or those who run the board.

September 26, 2014, 11:53:52 by shadreamer

I did a bit of research for a novel here a while back and to show my appreciation, I would like to offer complementary copies to the board and / or it's members for assisting me.  The novel came out in July and is doing very well.

Before I posted anything specific, I just wanted to see how you wanted to handle this (or not). If you don't want me doing this, I'll certainly respect your wishes.

I can send copies to the board mods or owner to hand out, or you can run a draw and I can mail paperbacks (or email ebooks) direct to the winners. Alternately, I can offer them to the people who responded to my thread.

To be clear, I'm not looking for any sort of endorsement or advertising. These will be gifts, pure and simple. If paperback, I can offer up to six copies. For ebooks, we can discuss.

Feel free to send me an email to my addy if you prefer.

Regardless of the decision, thank you for providing this forum.  :)

1 comment | Write Comment News

xx ISIS using a new IED

February 26, 2015, 12:42:35 by Spencer100
There are reports that ISIS is using M113's and arming them to be IED's.  - mod edited to comply with rules - ISIS has captured much ex-American Iraq army equipment.  This is an interesting development.
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xx Former Part-Time Soldiers Now Waiting up to 2 Years For Severance

February 16, 2015, 21:50:08 by Teager

The Canadian Press
Published Monday, February 16, 2015 5:21PM EST
OTTAWA -- Part-time soldiers who've left the military now face longer waits -- some almost two years -- for severance pay in a moribund system National Defence had promised to fix.
Former military ombudsman Pierre Daigle investigated a series of complaints in the late summer and early fall of 2013 when reservists, unlike their full-time counterparts, were waiting a year, sometimes longer, to receive the mandatory payouts after shedding their uniforms.
Maj. Cindy Tessier, spokeswoman for the personnel and legal branch of National Defence, says the average wait time now is 21 months following the member's release date.
Over $1.1 billion in unspent funds at Veterans Affairs since 2006: documents
$10M more announced for veterans; opposition calls it 'too little too late'
Military ombudsman to examine reservists' year-long wait for severance
She says processing a reservist's severance takes longer because each personnel file undergoes an audit to verify eligible service.
As of last week, there was a backlog of 2,754 files.
Former corporal Nicholas Vanderplas, of London, Ont., has been in the system just over 20 months and says he's fed up waiting for the $4,500 which is owed him for six years as a part-time member of the infantry.

Read more:

I was hoping only a year wait for mine tops.
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xx Soldiers more likely to have experienced childhood abuse: study

February 15, 2015, 16:11:32 by Schindler's Lift
Canadian soldiers appear to be more likely than their civilian counterparts to have experienced abuse, including corporal punishment, or to have witnessed domestic violence as children, new research aimed at exploring the incidence of depression and suicide in the military suggests.
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xx General & Flag Officer promotions, postings and releases 2015

February 12, 2015, 11:57:52 by MCG
Looks like a new Comd RCAF and CMP amoungst other changes.

Military announces new postings, promotions
Red Deer Advocate
12 Feb 2015

A number of changes are in the works for military brass, including the retirement of the head of the air force and the promotion of the first woman to run the personnel branch.
The country's top military commander, Gen. Tom Lawson, has announced a series of promotions and new postings, many of which take effect throughout the coming months.
The biggest change is the departure of Lt.-Gen. Ivan Blondin, a veteran fighter pilot who became head of the air force just over two years ago and was one of the biggest champions of the controversial F-35 program.
He will be replaced by Maj.-Gen. Mike Hood, who will get a promotion to lieutenant-general later in the year.
Hood's position, as director of the military's nerve centre at Strategic Joint Staff, will be filled by Maj.-Gen. Charles Lamarre, who led the task force that closed down Canada's mission in Kandahar.
It was also announced that Maj.Gen. Christine Whitecross will take over as chief of military personnel, replacing Lt.-Gen. David Millar, who led efforts within National Defence to manage the suicide crisis among soldiers in 2013-14.
Whitecross has broken a number of barriers within the military, being the first female commanding officer of construction engineering unit and she was also the first female commander of the country's Joint Task Force North.
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xx CANSOF in Niger town that was attacked by Boko Haram - CTV News

February 10, 2015, 16:28:24 by Dimsum
Canadian Special Operations Forces are in the town of Diffa, where they are participating in a military exercise, CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson reported late Monday night.  They are unharmed and believed to be safe.

The Canadian Forces members are in Diffa as a part of Exercise Flintlock, an annual military exercise designed to help African militaries co-operate and build the capacity to fight terrorism.
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March 2


Lord Derby speaks in the House of Lords on recruiting: "stronger methods are needed to get men, women must take the place of men..."


New Guinea - Battle of the Bismark Sea rages; Allied planes sink 12 Japanese ships carrying reinforcements to New Guinea, killing nearly 4,000.


The frigates of the Royal Navy's First Escort Group brought the longest continuous U-boat hunt to a successful conclusion, destroying U-358, but losing HMS Gould. The hunt started on 29 February, and HM Ships Affleck, Gould, Gore and Garlies dropped some 104 depth charges over the following two days. Gore and Garlies had to withdraw to Gibraltar for fuel, but Affleck and Gould continued the attack. U-358 succeeded in torpedoing Gould, but was then forced to the surface and finished off by Affleck's gunfire.


In Burma, Gian Singh, a Naik of the 15th Punjab Regiment, single-handedly attacked a series of Japanese positions. Despite being wounded, he cleared a series of trenches and a concealed anti-tank gun, then led his section forward to complete the reduction of the enemy position. He received the Victoria Cross.


Naik (Corporal) Fazal Din of the 10th Baluch Regiment conducted a lone attack on a Japanese bunker, which was pinning down his section. Having eliminated its defenders, he then attacked a second, from which six Japanese charged forth. A Japanese officer ran his sword through Fazal Din's chest, but as he pulled the blade out, the mortally wounded Naik wrestled it from his grip, and killed the officer with his own sword. He then killed a second Japanese soldier with the sword, as his men advanced to capture the bunker. Fazal Din managed to stagger back to report the success of the attack, before dying from his injuries. He was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.


National Defence publish first Canadian casualty list from Korea; six soldiers killed.

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