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xx Ways to improve

July 16, 2014, 23:26:53 by PhoenixWright
I have lurked on this website for a great deal of time and there is an issue here that would do well to be rectified, depending on the point of view of the staff. If you would like your website to be inviting to civilians with queries and members of the military who have not spent twenty years in yet, then it might be worthwhile to read on, but if you would prefer for this forum to remain a Chief & Petty Officer's mess, well,, don't bother.

This forum is essentially the gateway for all military members across the country to discuss things, as well as give civilians direction if they have questions about joining or our operations.

However, the toxic atmosphere here makes it difficult for them to relate and sets a bad tone of the military from the get-go. The users here are very concerned with the military image, but are typically rude to new users.

Not too long ago, there was a new forum created, called recruits only, a place solely for new users.  This was done, evidently, due to the great number of recruiting questions that were so toxic to the recruiting  forum that they had to be hidden away from the senior users because it was such a waste of their time to tell them every time to search the forum for the answer. You know, if you have the time to tell them to search, you have the time to give them a reasonable answer. It is very offputting to new users.

And then there is the internet rank pulling. I have seen so many times where milpoints are used as leverage. Sometimes that fails and you have to actually be an internet sleuth and use the GAL to pull rank on someone who disagreed with you, which flies in the face of the terms and conditions relating to privacy, but oh well.

Here's an example of a healthy military discussion forum for Canada:

No one is insulted if they make a repetitive post because discussion is encouraged and the forum isn't an old boys club. This forum could be the same if you chose to be more inviting.

6 comments News


Yesterday at 08:55:37 by samory87
You guys might be interested in watching this video made in honor to pay respect to our fallen canadian soldiers. It has been made by an infantry soldier based @3R22R in Valcartier.

If you enjoy it, please share it on your Facebook pages.

Respect to all of you.
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xx Thomas E. Ricks Why Am I Moving Left?

July 25, 2014, 21:52:36 by Baden Guy

Why Am I Moving Left?

I used to be right down the middle. But America’s changed, and so have I.


July 23, 2014

Read more:
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xx When in Doubt: Mustaches

July 23, 2014, 23:31:07 by dapaterson
An American Marine Reserve Lieutenant Colonel reflects on his time as a governor in Iraq:
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xx Canadian Forces Officer faces charges of wearing unearned medals.

July 22, 2014, 17:34:11 by eliminator
It will be interesting to see how this one turns out:

Canadian military official faces charges of wearing unearned medals

A high-ranking military official faces multiple charges after allegedly wearing medals on her uniform she didn’t earn.

Lieutenant-Colonel Debbie Miller, a 34-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces currently posted to the Canadian Defence Academy in Kingston, is expected in court in October on three charges of unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates.

The 57-year-old also faces eight charges of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

Military police launched the investigation after another member of the military filed a complaint about Lt.-Col. Miller’s medals in December, 2012, said Captain David Hitchcock, detachment commander at 2 Military Police Regiment in Kingston. Lt.-Col. Miller was charged in April the next year.

“I believe she was outed at an event or something with her unit and someone there noticed,” Capt. Hitchcock said, adding that investigators then conducted interviews and used photos to probe the allegations against Lt.-Col. Miller.

Captain Joanna Labonte, spokesperson for the Provost Marshal, said Lt.-Col. Miller is still on duty in Kingston, though it’s unclear whether her duties have changed.

Lt.-Col. Miller did not return multiple voicemail messages left at her Defence Academy number in Kingston.

While in Kingston, Lt.-Col. Miller reviewed books and wrote an opinion piece for the Canadian Military Journal about a new strategy to modernize armed-forces training and education.

In a short biography under her articles, she used the postnominal letters OMM and CD, suggesting she’d received the Order of Military Merit for officers, a badge recognizing exceptional service by a Canadian Forces member, and the Canadian Forces’ Decoration medal, awarded for completing 12 years of service. Capt. Hitchcock refused to confirm which medals are at the centre of the allegations against Lt.-Col. Miller.

Lt.-Col. Miller was also stationed until 2009 at CFB Trenton, the air-force base that manages delivering supplies, troops, equipment and humanitarian cargo worldwide. She was quoted in several publications in 2008 and 2009, including CFB Trenton’s weekly newspaper the Contact, Northumberland News and the Belleville Intelligencer, while she served as the administration officer, speaking about the base’s need for more resources and promoting a 2009 anniversary celebration and air show.

In a February, 2009, issue of the Contact, Lt.-Col. Miller wrote a short piece about a Crystal Ball event sponsored by the Quinte Children’s Foundation to raise money to prevent child abuse and help children go to summer camp or play sports.

“I was once a child and I well know what it was like to be loved, encouraged, educated, and made fell like a part of a great community,” Lt.-Col. Miller wrote. “My siblings and I grew up in an atmosphere of encouragement and the fact that anything was possible, so I cannot imagine a child not being able to participate in something they loved.”

She and four others were recognized by the foundation for their efforts to improve children’s lives.

Capt. Labonte said it wasn’t common for military personnel to be charged with unlawful use of uniforms.

The highest penalty for someone convicted of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline is dismissal from service with disgrace.


clip Ex Pégase Première ( Ex Pegasus First)

July 22, 2014, 15:42:14 by 57Chevy
Ex Pégase Première ( Ex Pegasus First)

Translated link and original article link are shared with provisions of The Copyright Act
(Translated by Bing)

Military exercise in the Lake St-Joseph
91 parachute jumps

First published July 17, 2014 at 1: 57 pm

91 members of the Royal 22e Régiment jumped by parachute in the water of the Lake St-Joseph Thursday morning.

It is in a parachuting exercise that the military have been known to jump from a helicopter.

They were deployed by a Griffon helicopter at about 1,250 feet of altitude.

The military were then equipped with a parachute for automatic deployment. They were also equipped with a flotation system, since they had to land in the middle of the Lake.

It is about 45 seconds in the air. There are various drills to do, make sure that it is not in danger with an another jumper. Need to drop our equipment at a certain height, our output position and prepare for landing. There is not more than 10 seconds to enjoy the scenery", testified Sgt. Yannick Dodier.

Another soldier, warrant officer Brian stated that a technique is necessary to execute in order to not remain caught in the parachute.

"About to 800 feet in the air, we will start to inflate them, because if they are not inflated, is done manually. '' "It would be difficult if not to swim in the water without it. ''

In a real situation, landing in the water is not a battle that is frequently used by the Canadian Army. The recovery of the paratroopers in water is complex.

However, soldiers are expected to arise in the exceptional water if the soil does not.

"That our staff jump regularly, in any kind of conditions to be ready for all tactics," explained Major Philippe mass.

To maintain their competence of parachutist, they are asked to jump to the minimum once every three months.

The jumps are made under the watchful eye of several residents of Lac St-Joseph, but also veterans of the Canadian Army.

Translated article link:

TVA video and article link:

open letter for the troops
On behalf of all members of CAFA Group ( Guy D'Artois, Brossard Qc)
It is with great pleasure to take part in this Exercise as we all clearly saw
that the Airborne "esprit du corps" is very much alive and well
at Gp Cie A 3R22R. We always look forward with enthusiasm to engage
in further (similar) activities.
Whowaa !

Photos mine (free for all)

lettre ouverte pour les troupes
Au nom de tous les membres de la CAFA Groupe (Guy D'Artois, Brossard Qc)
C'est avec un grand plaisir de prendre part à cet exercice que nous avons tous vu clairement
que aéroporté "esprit de corps" est très vivante et bien
au Gp Cie A 3R22R. Nous nous réjouissons toujours avec enthousiasme à s'engager
dans d'autres activités (similaires).

Photos mien (gratuit pour tous)

Original orders link (UNCLASSIFIED)


Exercice militaire au Lac St-Joseph

91 sauts en parachute

Première publication 17 juillet 2014 à 13h57

TVA Nouvelles

91 militaires du Royale 22e Régiment ont sauté en parachute dans l'eau du Lac St-Joseph jeudi matin.

C'est dans le cadre d'un exercice de parachutisme que les militaires ont été appelé à sauter d'un hélicoptère.

Ils ont été déployés par un hélicoptère de type Griffon à environ 1 250 pieds d'altitude.

Les militaires étaient alors équipés d'un parachute à déploiement automatique. Ils étaient aussi dotés d'un système de flottaison, puisqu'ils devaient atterrir au milieu du Lac.

C'est à peu près 45 secondes dans les airs. On a différents drills à faire, s'assurer qu'on n'est pas en danger avec un autre sauteur. Il faut larguer notre équipement à une certaine d'hauteur, notre position de sortie et se préparer à atterrir. On n'a pas plus de 10 secondes pour apprécier le paysage», a témoigné Sergent Yannick Dodier.

Un autre militaire, Adjudant Brian a précisé qu'une technique est nécessaire à exécuter afin de ne pas rester pris dans le parachute.

«Environ à 800 pieds dans les airs, on va commencer à les gonfler, car s'ils ne se gonflent pas, on le fait manuellement. Ce serait difficile sinon de nager dans l'eau sans ça.»

En réelle situation, l'atterrissage dans l'eau n'est pas une tactique qui est fréquemment utilisée par l'armée canadienne. La récupération des parachutistes dans l'eau est complexe.

Néanmoins, les soldats sont appelés à se poser dans l'eau de façon exceptionnelle si le sol ne le permet pas.

«Faut que notre personnel saute régulièrement, dans toute sorte de conditions pour être prêt à toutes les tactiques», a expliqué le Major Philippe Massé

Pour conserver leur compétence de parachutiste, ils sont appelés à sauter au minimum une fois tous les trois mois.

Les sauts se sont faits sous l'oeil attentif de plusieurs riverains du Lac St-Joseph, mais aussi de vétérans de l'Armée canadienne.

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There was apparently an even greater lack of sympathy in this ship between the men and officers than is usual throughout the Canadian Navy.

- RAdm Mainguy

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