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clip Introducing BattlePro for Android

April 17, 2015, 14:39:47 by Mike Bobbitt

I am pleased to announce that starting today, the BattlePro app is available for Android users. You can install via Google Play, or directly with this link:

This is the very first version, so it is rough around the edges and there are likely some bug hiding within, but the core functionality is there. Please feel free to post any feedback or bug reports here. The Android version of BattlePro is very similar to the iOS version, with a few minor changes here and there. For example the Grid Finder is not available in Android, though we are looking at including it in a future release.

The app is free, but has some $0.99 in app purchases to help support the site and future development efforts. I've tried hard to make the core content accessible at no cost and restrict the in-apps to a few "extras".

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xx DART going to Nepal, 2015

Yesterday at 02:25:52 by MCG
Advance Party for the DART has deployed to Nepal to support earthquake recovery.
Canada deploys advance DART team to asses earthquake-stricken Nepal
CTV News
25 Apr 2015

TORONTO – The Canadian government is sending an advance team from its Disaster Assistance Response Team to Nepal to help the Asian country cope with the massive earthquake that struck Saturday.

A spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson also says Canada is contributing five-million dollars to relief efforts.

A government source says an advance team is being sent over to determine how the Disaster Assistance Response Team, known as the DART, can best help.

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xx Enduring Survivors' Guilt - Newcastle Herald

April 25, 2015, 19:51:47 by Dimsum
A very good piece about PTSD.

Three months after arriving back from his second Afghan mission in 2011, the guilt reached its lowest ebb while sitting at home with his then seven- and eight-year-old daughters.

‘‘They were watching Flicker and having a great time, laughing,’’ he said.

‘‘And then I just burst out crying. I couldn’t stop it.
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xx A Request from Teacher Rick Boon to Accompany his Father to Liberation Ceremony

April 24, 2015, 17:50:41 by Loachman

To Laura Cudworth:

I attended Hamlet (the original), King Lear, and Northwestern Secondary Schools in the 1960s and early 1970s. Many of my teachers in all three schools were Veterans, and Art Boon was the Company Sergeant-Major in T Company, Fourth Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment in Stratford when I joined as a Reserve (part time) Infantryman in March 1973, while still attending Northwestern. All of those men have played significant roles in my life, and none greater than Art Boon. I still see him on Remembrance Days, as I always return to Stratford for that occasion. Only a couple of the other Stratford Veterans that I know are left now.

Those who have never met Art, or those others now gone, have truly missed something.

He continues to support the people of Stratford to this day, especially Stratford's younger citizens. He cared enough to go to war so many decades ago, and he still cares about their futures today.

Northwestern Teacher Christine Ritsma, whom I know from my participation in Remembrance Day Services at Northwestern in recent years, and her colleagues there, work hard to ensure that their students are well aware of Canada's place in our world, earned by such men as Art, and, increasingly, by women. I am proud and gratified to see that my old School still maintains the Spirit, Values, and Standards that it held when I attended, even if its parent board does not.

Loreena McKennitt also understands, and I am greatly pleased (and unsurprised) to see her involvement in this matter.

I thank you, as well, and deeply, for writing this article and providing the links therein.

To Superintendent of Education Jodie Baker:

Denying Rick Boon's request to accompany Art on this trip is unbelievably shameful and small-minded. I cannot even begin to comprehend the thought processes that led to that extremely poor decision.

The Dutch government invited Art to the 70th anniversary of their liberation.

The Dutch government invited Art to the 70th anniversary of their liberation.


Why do you suppose that they did that?

Do you have any idea at all what his presence means to the Dutch people, even after SEVENTY years? Do you have any idea at all what this invitation means to Art, who is willing to make this trip even at the age of ninety - NINETY - despite the toll that that will take on him? Do you have any idea at all what this honour means to his family?

Do you have any idea of the magnitude of the offence that you have offered to a still-grateful nation, whose school children lovingly tend the graves of those of Art's comrades who never returned to their homes and families? To Art? To Rick? To a large number of Stratford citizens and other Canadians? To me?

Yes, I take this matter personally.

A few lines from a poem by Robert Abraham come to mind: "Some men die by shrapnel, and some go down in flames, but most men perish inch by inch, in play at little games."

Art risked shrapnel, flames, and a multitude of other nastiness that you cannot fathom, and the Avon Maitland District School Board, well, the last half of that is thine.

It is not too late, however, to wake up and correct this.

Let his son go, but NOT unpaid as he requested. Pay him for his time. It is a small, small price compared to what Art has done for you, seventy-one years ago, and still today.

Please see to it, and quickly.

formerly of Stratford
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xx Military reports reveal soldiers, sailors busted for drug dealing

April 23, 2015, 21:56:27 by jollyjacktar
Just goes to prove, we're not immune to society problems and are just like everyone else. 

Shared under the fair dealing provisions of the copyright act.

Military reports reveal soldiers, sailors busted for drug dealing

Reports reveal cases involving crystal meth, cocaine trafficking, marijuana grow-ops

By Kathleen Harris, CBC News Posted: Apr 23, 2015 8:12 PM ET|

Canadian sailors and soldiers have been busted in some serious drug cases, from marijuana grow-ops to importing steroids and trafficking cocaine, according to records obtained by CBC News.

Documents released by the Department of National Defence under the Access to Information Act include 25 "significant incident reports" in the last five years, and at least 11 of them record cases in 2014. The heavily censored reports flag serious incidents that could jeopardize the military's operations or public image.

One report reveals a Halifax case where three members were arrested after RCMP seized 170 pot plants, four handguns and three long guns, all unregistered. The report indicates the members had access to "sensitive information."

Arrest outside crack house

Another report refers to a member who was arrested outside a known crack house in Victoria while carrying the drug and associated paraphernalia.

One sailor on board HMCS Protecteur was returned home in connection with an RCMP and military probe into a marijuana grow-op. A total of 6.8 kilograms of cannabis was discovered in the garage and closets of a home, according to the report, and the house was condemned pending a municipal inspection and reissuing of an occupancy permit.

Some of the investigations involve RCMP or local police forces, while others are conducted jointly or exclusively by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, an independent military police unit with a mandate to investigate "serious and sensitive" matters related to military property and personnel in Canada and around the world.

Most include an assessment of how current or future military operations could be affected and gauge potential media interest; in some cases, the reports suggest media interest may increase if it becomes public that the individual involved is a military member.

Several refer to a "passive approach, reactive posture" in dealing with the media.
Defence Department spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande said the Forces have a zero-tolerance policy for prohibited drugs, and members caught using or selling drugs can face disciplinary, administrative or criminal consequences. The Canadian Forces Drug Control Program includes six types of testing to monitor and detect drug use, from blind and random sampling to mandatory tests where behaviour or incidents warrant.

'Vast majority' uphold drug rules

Lamirande stressed that the "vast majority" of Armed Forces members uphold the rules around drugs, but there are harsh consequences for those who don't.

"The Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Forces Military Police take all allegations of drug offences by CAF personnel seriously and investigate any alleged instances to determine the facts, analyze the evidence and, if warranted, lay appropriate charges," she said.

Statistics from the Forces' Provost Marshal show that between April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, there were 224 investigations into drug offences. Of those, 142 were for cannabis, 11 for cocaine and 33 for other drugs. There were also investigations into trafficking, production and distribution of drugs — 21 for cannabis, eight for cocaine and nine for other drugs.

Maj. Robert Wuskynyk, commanding officer of the Specialized Operations Section, Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, told CBC News Network's Power & Politics the key mandate is to ensure a drug-free, operationally ready force.

His unit develops relationships with command chains across the country and drives home the zero-tolerance policy in training and other workshops. Tough penalties serve as a deterrent  and members can report bad behaviour through a tip line.

"The passion that members of the Canadian Armed Forces have with regards to other members of their profession wearing the same uniform and potentially being involved in this is disturbing among the majority of the members, and as a result it has ignited an emotion amongst everyone," Wuskynyk told host Chris Hall.

Some recent incidents from 2014 in the report:
■Feb. 25, 2014, in North Waterford, N.S. A member was arrested and charged with possession of an illegal substance for the purpose of trafficking. Member was not publicly identified as a military member, and the report described possible media interest "when/if identified as mil mbr."
■March 20, 2014. A member absent without leave was arrested for possession/trafficking by Ontario Provincial Police in Orillia; public affairs action is "passive approach, reactive posture. Media lines were drafted, though at the time, the media inquiries to date were 'zero.'"
■June 12, 2014, in Barrie, Ont. Two members were observed interacting with a known drug dealer and were arrested at the front gates of CFB Borden with bags of cocaine.
■June 25, 2014, Kingston, Ont. A case of possession of marijuana, sex assault and possession of marijuana for trafficking.
■July 28, 2014, RCMP and military police execute a search warrant in Denwood, Alta. (where CFB Wainright is located) and find drugs, weapons and ammunition.
■Aug. 16, 2014, in Gagetown, N.B. A case of suspected drug trafficking when a member is stopped regarding a headlamp and military police find marijuana, crystal meth and a large quantity of drugs in pill form in the vehicle.

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moved MOVED: Re: 4 RN Sailors Charged with Gang Sexual Assault

April 21, 2015, 14:54:23 by recceguy
This topic has been moved to The Grave of the Unknown Soldier
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