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clip Top Menu Bar on DWAN - quirks mode

August 15, 2014, 11:06:17 by donaldk,

Is there any possibility to modify the DOCTYPE header to "strict" vice "transitional" so DWAN stations stay out of quirks mode?

On Shiplan's IE7/XP and DSB's IE9/W7 the top menu bar shows properly without having to open their F12 developer tools and bringing it off quirks mode manually every time the page is loaded?

Side note, On my own personal computers that run FireFox don't have issues with the menu bar and F12 isn't necessary.  I never used the F12 console especially at work before until MARLANT had issues with its new DWAN page not working on ShipLAN stations and direction came to use F12 as needed.

It currently reads:
Code: [Select]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
Propose change to:
Code: [Select]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
See attached PNGs.  Following links have some info about quirks:
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xx September the 20th, 6 military helicopters in total flew over my house OttawaOnt

Yesterday at 18:35:29 by canadianMedic
Today the 20th of september, 6 military helicopters flew over my house and i was hoping someone could tell me why.

Is it because of what happened between the russian Bombers on thursday?

Please let me know cause I'm curious and nothing else will give me answers.

please don't disappoint.  :)

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xx Russian Aircraft Intercepted

September 19, 2014, 21:34:37 by tomahawk6
US and Canadian aircraft intercepted 6 Russian aircraft.Putin is just seeing if everyone is awake. 8)
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xx Outgoing CJOC commander gagged by government

September 08, 2014, 19:45:52 by
Lt.-Gen. Jon Vance becomes responsible for all Canadian troops deployed at home and abroad during a handover ceremony to take place Tuesday afternoon in Ottawa.

The outgoing leader of Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) is Lt.-Gen. Stu Beare. Both he and Vance served with distinction in Afghanistan — Vance during two combat tours in Kandahar and Beare with NATO in Kabul.

Beare was muzzled by the Harper government a couple of weeks ago, preventing him from talking to journalists about the challenges that CJOC and Canada face during this period of global tumult. The general deserved better than this parting order after 36 years of service. During his Afghan and CJOC years he has been responsible for the lives of thousands of Canadians in dangerous places, as well as for spending billions of dollars.

Forbidding Beare to speak was an example of the mindless messaging micro-management that has become one of the Harper government’s least appealing hallmarks. Such orders — and this was hardly the first — have long left the brass scratching their heads. After all, the government is constantly braying about Canada’s glorious military heritage and famously fond of talking as if nobody in the West is tougher on Russian President Vladimir Putin and terrorism .... News, 8 Sept 2014
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xx Lesson to be learned from the Ukraine conflict for NATO and Canada?

September 08, 2014, 13:18:00 by Colin P
 Looking at the pictures from the conflict I see a lot of destroyed armour, including MBT's. Most seem to be taken out by artillery strikes, Grad systems seem to be the main culprit. I suspect NATO would be in a for a rude shock from Russian artillery and it's effects. That artillery would also be well protected by a competent AD and Air Force. My take away is that we are weak on the counter battery systems and I am not sure that tactically we are prepared for such a threat, just coming from a heavy COIN theatre. Any thoughts?
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xx West Africa Ebola outbreak

September 04, 2014, 17:50:22 by Rider Pride
If the president of MSF (Doctors without Borders) thinks military assistance may be required, then the situation is bad.

This outbreak is different and worth watching as it's impact on the economic stability and security of the region is in jeopardy.
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September 21


Sherbrooke Hussars: In Hoc Signo Vinces


Three successive attacks on a German strongpoint by a company of the British Columbia Regiment failed, with heavy casualties, including all the officers. Company Sergeant-Major Hanna gathered the survivors and organised a successful fourth assault, leading the way through the barbed wire and machine-gun fire. He received the Victoria Cross.


Lieutenant Honey, the only surviving officer, took command of a company of the Manitoba Regiment and led it in a series of successful attacks at Bourlon Wood in France. He twice went ahead alone to eliminate troublesome machine-gun nests, and finally fell mortally wounded. Elsewhere on the front, Lance-Corporal Lewis, Northamptonshire Regiment, who had previously distinguished himself in the destruction of a machine-gun post, also fell mortally wounded leading from the front in an attack on another formidable German position. Both Honey and Lewis were awarded a posthumous Victoria Cros.

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