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xx Yes, we are getting chat

April 25, 2016, 15:30:49 by Mike Bobbitt
As some of you may notice, we are now getting a "Facebook style" chat added to the site. As it is still early days, I have not rolled this option out to everyone yet, but have started with Staff, Subscribers, Donors, and senior site members. Basically, most of the folks we can thank for assisting us with the recent site renewal. :)

If things good smoothly I plan to open it up to all users in time (days to maybe a couple of weeks if things go poorly).

There are some issues, but please report anything broken or unpleasant here. In a nutshell, when you are online here, you will be online for chat, but you can mark yourself offline by clicking the gear icon. There are a couple of chat rooms by default, with more to come. You can manage who is on your "friend" or blocked list within your profile:;area=lists

Users from your buddy list will be listed in chat automatically. I'm sure there will be more questions as we move forward, please post your questions here - or in the chat rooms! :D

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xx AB Wildfires 2016: Def Min asked for help

Today at 12:35:50 by
This, from The Canadian Press:
... Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, in a conference call from Germany early today, confirmed a formal request for assistance has been received from the Alberta government.

What form that will take — at least on the military side — is still being determined and National Defence is expecting to hear soon from the province about the kind of equipment and personnel required.

The office of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, the federal focal point for assistance, is expected to provide more details later today ...
More news on the fire situation in northern Alberta here (Google News), here (Twitter) and here (Alberta gov't).

Good luck all involved & stay safe, everyone  :salute:
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xx OP piece: Canadian Forces Should do Less with Less

April 15, 2016, 10:09:13 by Hungover_cat

Found this opinion piece this morning. Ugh.

I'm all for having a force focused on certain capabilities rather than having a "jack of all trades" mentality, but cutting budget because we're an "extraordinarily safe" country is a joke.
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xx New CAF 'Budman report on "Compensation Options for Ill and Injured Reservists"

April 13, 2016, 07:06:29 by
This out yesterday:
Today I released the second in a series of three reports which focus exclusively on Canada’s Reserve Force.

The first report, The Feasibility of Providing Periodic Health Assessments to All Primary Reservists, looked at Periodic Health Assessments and found that 30% of Canada’s military Reserve Force – roughly 6,000 members – are missing valid medical assessments.

Today’s report examines the processes which ill and injured Reservists must follow to obtain coverage for lost income.  We found the application and review processes for Reserve Force Compensation to be too complex and cumbersome, relying on old-school paperwork. Moreover, the three environments of the Reserve Force follow different procedures – some faster than others. In all cases, the weakest link of the administrative chain determined how fast (or slow) an application was processed.

We found there is no tracking or performance measurement system in place to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the Reserve Force Compensation process.

Another huge challenge for both individual Reservists and the Reserve Force itself was a low-level of awareness of the available options when Reservists find themselves ill or injured.

The broad recommendations I presented to the Minister of National Defence were:

-  Have the Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence improve the governance and administration of Reserve Force Compensation; and
-  Improve the knowledge and awareness of the available compensation options.
Specifically, the compensation process should be streamlined by standardizing and simplifying forms, and by identifying one functional authority that is accountable for the entire Reserve Force Compensation process.
Ideally, a 30-day deadline should be applied so that compensation applications are forwarded to the designated final decision maker (Director of Casualty Support Management) in a timely manner. The current ‘In box and Out box’ processing model results in delays of up to six months. This is simply unfair to individual Reservists who are already dealing with health issues. Delays only hurt the individual, not the system.
I am pleased to report that the Minister of National Defence has agreed to the report’s recommendations. As a former Reservist and Commanding Officer of a Reserve unit (The British Columbia Regiment), Defence Minister Sajjan clearly understands the need to fix shortcomings in the Reserve Force Compensation system.

While agreeing to the report’s two recommendations, the Minister also outlined steps the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces will undertake over the next 18 months. I’ve had an opportunity to review each of the planned measures and I am cautiously optimistic that the handling of compensation cases for ill and injured Reservists will be significantly improved if the changes are indeed made.

My office will continue to track this issue and I will report back on progress in the Fall of 2017.
Here's a link to the report, and here's a link to the Minister's response.

Threads dealing with previous 'Budman reports on reservists here and here.
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xx Liberals considering privatizing search and rescue operations... - National Post

April 11, 2016, 22:44:33 by Dimsum
OTTAWA — The Liberal government is asking if the military should continue to be involved in search-and-rescue missions, or whether private companies and other alternatives should be relied on to save Canadians in distress instead.

The idea has been raised as part of the government’s defence review, and is sure to stoke strong reactions both inside the military and across the country. The previous Conservative government aired a similar proposal five years ago, before letting it quietly die.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said last week that everything was on the table as he launched consultations with the public, parliamentarians and defence experts on how the military should be structured for the future. Consultations will continue until the end of July, with a new defence policy to be released in early 2017.
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xx HMCS Summerside back from OP CARIBBE

April 07, 2016, 10:23:04 by Hungover_cat

Nice to see some positive articles about our sailors. Too bad these types of positive articles don't get the attention that they deserve.

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